7 Top-Rated Anti Detect Browsers In 2022

by Dan Goodin
Blog 26 Feb 2022

Nowadays, it should be no surprise that multinational companies, governments, as well as hackers, take all the measures possible to track our internet identity and activities. One of the reasons for it is multi-accounting. And this is the place where anti detect software comes into play.

Digital fingerprint technology detects everything about your device. Therefore, if you need multi-accounting yet strive for privacy and security, the anti detect browser will help with both. 

Let’s explore this topic more thoroughly. 

What Is an Anti Detect Browser?

We are aware already that no browsing software can guarantee 100% protection. Some tools might minimize the risks, though. Such instruments are similar to Firefox, Google Chrome, and others.

Most well-known browsers provide anonymity by spoofing the information and amending your digital fingerprint. It enables us to keep the least identification traces.

Anti-detect software, if used effectively, eliminates the risk of being detected. With private digital prints it provides, you can create and work in a separate account per every tab. Not only the website but even its spam filters will not be able to recognize you as one user. Cookies, too, will differ for every account, with no values overlapping! 

All the antbrowsers have precautions against WebRTC and Flash plugins. It means that no website will be able to define your usage of proxies. Nor will it ever get any characteristics of your browser for identification purposes.

The functionality of anti detect browsers is identical to the regular ones. Thus, even no technical specialists would have any problems with usage. The antbrowsers also have the possibility to save sessions. Hence, you will not have to re-authorize each time you need to open accounts. 

As a rule, anti detect software is created on a chromium engine. It means that you will be able to integrate with a bulk of all the other users on the internet.

Use Cases of Antbrowsers 

First and foremost, anti detect browsers can be considered as sturdy protectors of privacy. They help defend your confidentiality from prying eyes out there. A great many people use antbrowsers for privacy purposes in the first place. 

However, let’s be honest. Its main advantage makes anti detect software a handy tool that can be used for commercial objectives. It can help marketers and businesses manage multiple accounts in places that prohibit it. What, in its turn, can assist in the following:

  • Managing hundreds of customer accounts in social media agencies. All the accounts are to be from different devices and locations. You will be able to avoid restless verifications and blocks by using a sustainable browser fingerprint. 
  • Increasing the coverage of affiliate links. Especially it concerns affiliate marketing specialists who work with many social media, advertising, and forum accounts. 
  • Diversifying risks in case e-commerce executives run several unrelated profiles on eBay, Amazon, and other payment processors.
  • Expanding online business in several stores. With antbrowsers, drop shippers will be able to do it without connecting them to one another.
  • Striving to cover more ground, advertisers could benefit from running ads using numerous Facebook Business or Google AdWords accounts. 

Other than that, developers could also take advantage of using antbrowsers in the following: 

  • Web scraping websites or domains with monitoring on a fingerprint basis. One browser with multiple profiles should employ fewer resources. 
  • Web testing by imitating different parameters. It could be various screen sizes or different browser engines in particular. 

Best Anti Detect Browsers

So, as we now know, anti detect browsers provide you with multiple-profile access by changing your browser fingerprint. Such software enables you to remain anonymous and secure. It is a Yes to numerous social accounts and a No to blocks or bans. Yet, what are the best of them out there? Check our list! 


MultiLogin provides each of your accounts with a dissimilar browser environment. This minimizes the chances of your accounts getting banned.

Unlike other antbrowsers, MultiLogin does not conceal your browser fingerprint. Instead, it alters it in such a way that your initial fingerprint stays safe.

Another important feature this anti detect browser offers is automation. Any task that you repeat more than once can be automated. It means you will be able to avoid doing particular things manually.

MultiLogin suggests automation or teamwork plans to purchase. 

The automation plan contains plenty of features, although there are several limitations. Thus, if you would need to expand the plan, they will be able to customize it individually according to your requirements. 

In case you opt for the teamwork plan, you will get the opportunity to choose how many browser profiles you will be able to create, varying from 100 to 1000. Even if that number is not enough, a custom plan is available, too. 

You can also try this antbrowser for free. Remember that the trial option provides you with 10 browser profiles only. 


This is another anti detect option that provides numerous instances of the same service or website. They do so by separating every tab into another session. To make sure that you will not get detected, SessionBox provides the opportunity to configure a peculiar set of device IDs. It suggests two products: Workstation and Extension.

Workstation is an autonomous app that you can set like a regular browser. SessionBox also includes a proxy manager besides different fingerprint generation features. It enables you to use those proxies that you already have and are sure to rely on without being forced to trust outside offerings. 

Unlike other antbrowsers, SessionBox suggests only one pricing plan. The good news is that it is almost an unlimited option to cover all the needs you might require. Workstation provides access to unlimited fingerprints and sessions for $89.99. 

However, if you are searching for something cheaper and do not mind sacrificing some features, then the Extension option will serve you well. As the title implies, Extension can be installed directly in the browser that you already use. Extension’s features are somewhat limited though. Yet, it is free and can be of help to many people.


In case you are searching the antbrowser with numerous applications, GoLogin might be a good option. Due to the diverse features it provides, this anti detect browser can be used for dropshipping, social media management, web scraping, and much more. In fact, GoLogin does not offer anything special. All the features here can be found in other anti detect software as well. However, GoLogin is provenly one of the market leaders. 

There are 50+ connection parameters available, signifying that every session might be as original as it gets. This antbrowser enables you to save and store profiles on the cloud instead of your device. What, in its turn, appears the best way to save your sessions as unidentified as possible. Another advantage of cloud storage is an easily accessible possibility of team collaboration. You will be able to assign or share profiles with whoever you might need.

Similar to other anti detect browsers, using GoLogin is fee-paying. You can choose from three predefined plans. All of them differ with regard to the number of team members, profiles, cloud launches, and several other features. In case you do not find a package to meet your requirements, the option to customize it is available as well. 

The good news is a free trial option. Get entire access to all GoLogin features for 7 days and decide afterward whether or not it is the best solution for you.

Linken Sphere

Linken Sphere is considered one of the most reputable and serious antbrowsers. Unlike the previous one, for instance, Linken Sphere is not limited to a solitary application only. Besides managing multiple accounts, it can be also used for circumventing ad verification or anti-fraud systems.

Linken Sphere does not hinder any data that other services might request. This antbrowser will use your inputs to generate a false “browser persona” and provide it instead. The core intent is to give services a fake impression of who you are while saving your real data hidden.

The list of other helpful features also includes a false IP leak. This anti detect browser can do an IP leak using WebRTC. It signifies that your real IP address will not be the original one.

Linken Sphere does not provide any free-trials options because it is paid-only. Keep in mind that the only accepted payment method here is Bitcoin.

Speaking about packages, there are three of them and each one contains a variety of options. Every package’s features differ from one another. The payment options include 1-, 6-, or 12-months basis. And if you would like to go for the second package, then you can get a 1-month free trial beforehand.  


Here is anti detect software that is aimed primarily at e-commerce experts willing to manage identities from one device. In general, every social media session or account will be linked to a unique fingerprint. In such a way, each one will work in a different session, and the websites will find that every account is from a different location and a machine.

Speaking of locations, by the way, IP addresses are very important in that regard. To avoid possible bans and detection, AdsPower claims to use another IP address for every session. This antbrowser ensures that say, two of your accounts will not get the same IP address because it has diverse built-in proxies. Another helpful feature is support for IPv6, meant for users willing to employ the newer protocol. 

Automation feature is included and available as well. It enables you to configure a particular set of rules that the software will do automatically, although this feature is not rare. Yet what makes this company stand out is its excellent client service and support. Their technicians might not be there for you 24/7, but the turnaround times have appeared the fastest on the market. 

Prices do not differ much from other competitors except for one small distinction. You will be able to choose from several paid plans featuring different numbers of browser profiles available. The function to customize a package is available, too. The slight distinction we have mentioned is the free package. It is limited, though, to just 2 browser profiles, yet might be an excellent way to get acquainted with AdsPower and make up your mind afterward.


Notwithstanding the fact that Kameleo might seem like all other antbrowsers at first glance, it does have one unique feature. 

Like all the others, it is an anti detect browser that provides services and websites with false fingerprints. You obtain this opportunity without using multiple browsers. While staying in the same application, every session can be adjusted to run with a different fingerprint. It is indeed a great feature for those managing many accounts and wishing to avoid the hassle of developing virtual machines for each one.

For security and confidentiality purposes, besides different fingerprints, Kameleo also provides websites with another IP address. Using proxies for every account enables appearing to other servers as if from another geographical location.

As for the unique feature we have mentioned at the beginning, it is a mobile profile. You can install Kameleo on a mobile device and have access to all of its features on the go. More than that, you will not miss out on anything because Kameleo has an automation option available. 

Three packages have been developed for you to choose from depending on the variety of features you might need. Every plan you buy provides an unlimited number of profiles. However, the more expensive package you get, the more additional features you will receive. It could be automation or faster support in particular. 


This is the best anti detect browser for expensive hardware or virtual machines. It suggests the solution to have various instances of the same service or website using the same machine yet with dissimilar fingerprints. Undetectable is a great option to pick for bonus hunters, anonymity while surfing the internet, for social media managers, ads, and much more.

This antbrowser delivers an easy-to-operate profile manager for you to tweak the details for every session. There will be much information to manage, types of proxies included. Undetectable can assist with a proxy manager to help you set up the proxies in case you have some already.

Given that teamwork is crucial in this scope, there are import and export functions here. It enables you to quickly and easily share profiles among team members.

Another feature this anti detect browser offers makes the whole work setting up much faster. It is a cookie bot that, once having got a list of URLs from you, could go visit all of them and save the cookies. It is an advantageous feature indeed that could save you lots of time prior to using the browser.

Considering that Undetectable suggests unlimited profiles, prices for packages vary depending on the number of free configs and users. As it is with other antbrowsers, there are three specified plans available and a 4th custom option. All of them are to be paid every month. However, if you decide on a 6- or 12-months term, you will be able to get a discount.  

Where Do You Get It?

So, as you can see, the market of anti detect browsers has no lack for anyone willing to try it out. In addition to the above-mentioned, there are hundreds of other companies that offer assistance in controlling many identities. Some of them suggest a few free options or trials, others might cost from $29 to $100 per month. More expensive packages enable bulk account development along with profile sync.

As we have found out, thematic forums or review aggregators like TrustPilot can suggest limited help only. Thus, feel free to do your own research or simply visit the official websites we have mentioned in this article. The list of ours is credible and, hopefully, will be of help to you. 

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