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Who Are We?

ProxyBros is a team of enthusiastic, tech-curious cybersecurity geeks scattered around the world and united in a common purpose – to deliver a holistic and unbiased evaluation of proxy solutions and raise awareness of the proxy technology and its opportunities. So, we delve into each proxy service, analyze, and test it to the bone, identifying the best proxies for diverse needs and purposes. Our experts with tech and research backgrounds constantly monitor the updates of top proxy providers as well as comparatively new ones, explaining features, breaking down what proxy is and how you can benefit from it for the sake of barrier-free online surfing.

Our think-tank involves over 20 professionals around the globe with a strong focus on proxies and a passion for sharing their expertise with others. They are cyber security experts, tech researchers, IT journalists, quality assurance engineers, data scientists, ML engineers, marketing managers, SEO specialists, and account managers who can barely imagine their lives without proxy servers. Cyber security in general (and proxy in particular) is not just a hobby but rather a vital necessity or a full-time job for most of these people.

On the ProxyBros, you will find:

  • Reviews backed up with real experience and thorough testing;
  • Proxy-related news and updates of the top solutions;
  • Step-by-step guides, articles, and materials about proxy technology.

Several experts are always engaged in preparing this content, including:

  • Researchers
  • Technical Investigators
  • Writers
  • Editors

This way, we can guarantee the trustworthiness and correctness of each and every piece of information you can find on the website. While adhering to straightforward methodology and fact-checking, we are always open to criticism and strive to expand our perspectives. So, you are always welcome to share your opinion, experience with proxies, and, of course, ask for advice. 

Our Mission:

  • Identifying the most trustworthy and effective proxy solutions to facilitate your web activities by eliminating boundaries on your way to productivity and security.
  • Putting every proxy under a microscope to provide an honest evaluation based on the quality, usability, and functionality testing. 
  • Enhancing your cyber security and ensuring smooth online surfing through discovering the best proxy solutions to help you secure your personal data and improve anonymity on the web.

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