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How Does Proxy Checker Work?

Proxy checker is an online program that provides proxy verification regarding server validity and anonymity. Since the main function of intermediaries is to ensure privacy on the Internet, checking proxy servers is a top priority.
To check your proxies, insert the port of your intermediary into the checking field. Then press the button below to set the wheels in motion.

When checking your proxies, the tool recognizes entries looking like intermediaries and tries to connect them. Then, it detects the server type, its location, degree of anonymity, and speed of the connection. According to the success of connections, the checker marks proxies as valid or invalid.

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To better understand the performance of this tool, we suppose you to check the following sections related to SOCKS proxy and other popular services:

What Does Using Proxy Checker Give You?

It is an online service or desktop program that allows users to check both free and private IPs for validity and speed. An online proxy check can significantly reduce your time spent on non-working proxies and improve your runtime process. 

Why Use Checkers?

The main reason to check proxy servers is to evaluate their validity. Validity is an indicator of proxy list workability, which you may use to hide your real IP address. The scanner provides objective data about the server: connection speed, server availability, degree of anonymity, server type, and location (country and city). This data is crucial when using proxies of any format (HTTP or HTTPS) and reflects on managing API, scraping activity, and other use cases. 

It is important to perform such a proxy check systematically. We recommend you frequently run the intermediary database through the checker because proxies tend to lose functionality, which is quite normal for intermediaries. If the test results are unsatisfactory, change the proxy list, check the code or find a new provider. You can get acquainted with the rating of best services providing proxies, including anonymous SOCKS5, or scan the FAQ section for extra explanations.

Why Do Users Choose Online Checkers? 

  • Does not require installation.
  • Allows you to check a large number of IP addresses in a short time.
  • Provides several additional options (for example, checking Internet speed).
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Free. 
  • Undemanding usage conditions. 

Benefits of Using Checker:

  • The service works on powerful equipment that allows you to quickly process large amounts of information and provide detailed results to all users;
  • Possibility of simultaneous verification of several addresses;
  • Filter for displaying results with fine-tuning;
  • Detailed information about IP proxy, including speed, geographical location, IP type, etc.;
  • Free of charge. 


  • Determines server availability (Valid/Not Valid)
  • Identifies the country and the city if possible
  • Checks the connection speed
  • Detects the server type (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, SOCKS5, IPv4, IPv6, anonymous, etc.)
  • Tests the anonymity
  • Suggests intermediaries by country, if some proxies turned out to be invalid
  • Provides the test results in two formats: txt and CSV (all results or only valid ones)

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