12 Best Cybersecurity Blogs and News Sites to Upgrade Your Expertise

by Dan Goodin
17 Aug 2022

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Travelers Risk Index announced cybersecurity as the top business concern of 2021. The situation has not changed much throughout the past year. Cyber incidents like phishing, Denial-of-Service attacks, and SQL injections remain a serious threat! First and foremost, such incidents hinder businesses’ health and stability. Nevertheless, every user might become a cybercriminal’s prey. Keeping up to date with fast-changing cybersecurity trends is the first step to identifying risks and pinpointing opportunities for their mitigation. The simplest way to maintain awareness of what is going on in IT security is to read cybersecurity blogs and news sites. For your convenience, we have scanned over a hundred online sources and selected the best security websites to keep an eye on.

12 Best Cyber Security News Sites and Blogs Worth Following

#1 Information Security Buzz

Key focus: All-round information security for businesses

Why we like it: That is an all-in-one network security website that hosts articles, expert comments, and guides in various domains such as:

  • Application security;
  • Breaches;
  • CISO;
  • Data privacy;
  • And cybercrime, to name but a few. 

What we especially like about this cyber security blog is that it has a lot of expert columns with simple, practical instructions on how to perform a specific cybersecurity task. Whether you want to minimize your OT blind spots or prevent brand infringement, you will learn to do that. And it is doable even if you do not have advanced cybersecurity skills!

The platform has a huge infosec businesses directory that allows you to study the profile of a company of interest. You may also search companies by security solutions or security services. That is also the best security website for those planning to outsource cybersecurity tasks to professionals.

#2 Oxylabs

Key focus: Proxies and data gathering

Why we like it: Oxylabs is one of the top providers of proxies and web scraping solutions that, among all else, have a nice regularly updated blog. We include it on our cybersecurity blogs list because of its reader-friendly language, but that is not the sole reason. We recommend Oxylab’s blog to those willing to delve into some narrow cybersecurity issues. Oxylabs also covers interesting, unusual topics, such as the risks associated with free proxies. So, you can learn about security threats that are specifically associated with proxies and web scraping.

#3 Security Weekly

Key focus: Application security and cloud security

Why we like it: Security weekly is one of the best cyber security blogs, where you get information about:

  • Application security;
  • Cloud security;
  • Penetration testing;
  • And other security-related subjects. 

We recommend this computer security website for its nice collection of podcasts led by renowned security experts such as Paul Asadoorian or Deb Radcliff. There are also two custom podcast series and over 400 articles.

Webcasts are other peculiar features of this cyber blog. Users can register for one of the platform’s upcoming webcasts or receive access to old archived webcasts that they missed. In this manner, Security Weekly makes you feel a part of a larger cybersecurity community.

#4 NetNut

Key focus: Data security strategies for businesses

Why we like it: NetNut is another proxy provider on our list of the best cybersecurity blogs. The blog focuses on practical strategies businesses can use to protect their data as well as safely gather data from online platforms. Each article is an educational brochure so that one can check out all the key points in no time. We recommend this cyber blog as an extra source of information about how proxies can help businesses to enhance their security.

#5 The Hacker News

Key focus: Data breaches and cyber attacks

Why we like it: We include Hacker News among the top five best cybersecurity blogs as it is a plentiful source of security-related materials. The platform hosts many articles on: 

  • Data breaches;
  • Cyber-attacks;
  • Vulnerabilities;
  • Malware and other topics. 

We also like its IT research library with free books, white papers, magazines, and case studies. Hacker News links useful training and courses for those seeking ways to upgrade their cybersecurity expertise. But even reading it sometimes will boost your professionalism regarding cyber matters. 

#6 CSO

Key focus: Cybersecurity news

Why we like it: This security blog is a great place to track what is going on in cybersecurity! Uncover recent attacks, new protection software, corporate scandals, myths, and lessons to learn. CSO’s IDG Tech(talk) Community is of special interest to us. That is an open environment where peers and experts can exchange concerns, ideas, questions, and best practices. The community members participate in regular chat sessions, surveys, and other engaging events.

In addition to IDG Tech(talk), users can feel a part of the cybersecurity community by participating in CSO’s events. For instance, there are virtual summits, roundtables, symposiums, and conferences. The events bring together top industry experts, journalists, and CSO executives.

#7 SmartProxy

Key focus: Browser fingerprinting and hiding IP

Why we like it: Just as the Oxylabs mentioned above, Smart Proxy is a proxy provider that has a blog devoted to proxies, web scraping, and related themes. SmartProxy’s blog is a good source of information about browser fingerprinting, hiding IP, and up-to-date security mechanisms. We recommend this cyber blog to those who seek clear and short explanations of some popular topics, such as what a honeypot is or why one should care about browser fingerprinting.

#8 Forbes

Key focus: Cybersecurity trends in the political and economic contexts

Why we like it: Although Forbes is not a cyber security blog in and of itself, its website has an excellent cybersecurity section. We especially appreciate that Forbes’ journalists provide insights into how cybersecurity trends intersect with political and economic ones. In this manner, we recommend turning to the cybersecurity section of this website for a better understanding of how different aspects of cybersecurity impact both our everyday lives and global processes.

Forbes’ cybersecurity section has a lot of news articles on how huge corporations manage security threats. Every second article is, thus, devoted to Windows, Apple, Google, Microsoft, YouTube, and other tech giants.

#9 Reviewed by Pro

Key focus: Online privacy and security

Why we like it: Reviewed by Pro is a perfect fit for those who take an interest in the privacy aspect of cybersecurity. This cyber security blog contains engaging materials on password protection, security at cloud services, and ad blocks. We distinguish this platform from other cyber security blogs for its focus on specific practical issues such as how to safely transfer your music from computer to iPhone or unblock local TV channels. A particularly cool feature is their live chat, where you can ask any question to a security expert.

#10 Infosec

Key focus: Cybersecurity training and upskilling

Why we like it: This cybersecurity blog is an excellent place to stay tuned for cybersecurity news and opportunities for upgrading one’s expertise in this field. Infosec hosts many articles on phishing, hacking, application testing, and related themes. Like some of the previously mentioned cyber security blogs, Infosec has a podcast mainly devoted to making a career in cybersecurity. We especially appreciate Infosec’s focus on education: the platform encourages users to teach cybersecurity, submit articles on the topic, and take cybersecurity courses.

#11 Naked Security

Key focus: Cybersecurity tools and news

Why we like it: Naked Security is a great network security website that posts the latest industry news and cybersecurity podcasts. We recommend it among other cybersecurity blogs because its authors are very straightforward. Want to learn what’s wrong with the Screensatisfy Chrome extension? Or, maybe you want to know more about the security holes in the hospital robots system? Naked Security’s team describes it all extensively and honestly, accompanying each post with proofs and examples.

#12 The Last Watchdog

Key focus: Privacy and VPN

Why we like it: The Last Watchdog is a mid-sized security blog that offers information in four formats: 

  • Podcasts; 
  • Videos;
  • Guest blog posts;
  • And questions and answers. 

The blog is the work result of Pulitzer-winning journalist Byron V. Acohido best known for his reader-friendly language. Hence, the resource has everything to elucidate complex concepts in simple terms. We recommend The Last Watchdog to those who prefer to watch content rather than read it and those who prefer short posts to lengthy articles.

Postscript: 5 Skills That Will Boost Your Cybersecurity Expertise

As a bonus, here is a list of skills you might want to develop in addition to reading cybersecurity blogs! Here is how to upgrade your cybersecurity expertise:

  • Network security control skills. Understanding networking is all about understanding the technical aspects of data transmission. Network security control implies the measures you take to ensure secure transmission. The more you know about VPN, proxies, browser fingerprinting, and other software and processes related to the functioning of a network, the more effectively you can protect the latter.
  • Coding skills. Coding extends your opportunities in terms of cybersecurity. Thus, for instance, the knowledge of HTML enables you to analyze different attacks, including SQL injection, while JavaScript code helps to keep track of user activity. Python, SQL, and Shell Scripting are other programming languages to benefit your cybersecurity.
  • Cloud security skills. Cyber security blogs on our list have a lot of valuable materials on cloud security. Since more and more companies shift to the cloud infrastructure, it might be useful to figure out how huge cloud platforms such as AWS or the Google Cloud Platform work.
  • Risk analysis. Understanding risks is of central importance to cybersecurity. That involves risk identification, prioritizing, and mitigation. Cybersecurity websites, including those on our list, provide plenty of how-to guides explaining the essentials of an effective risk assessment.

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