5 Dangers of Free Proxy Servers to Bear in Mind

by Dan Goodin
02 Jun 2022

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Free proxy browsing seems like a trouble-free way to shield yourself from digital observers without spending a cent. Notwithstanding, it is not a secret that free stuff often brings detriments. The same rule works when we approach the free proxy browsing challenges. 

Free proxy software usually has paid versions that perform with boosted effectiveness. But, as a rule, all descriptions of such tools scream that you see a safe proxy server with zero drawbacks. But what pitfalls are behind the beguiling offers? 

Proxy Servers Free Versions: What Must they Do? 

The developers claim that their engineering product protects your privacy! In parallel, they allow global browsing without a hitch. So, you are most likely to see that the free proxy software will: 

Focus on your privacy 

The safe free proxy server erases your digital trails and leaves no material for snoopers to snatch. The free IP proxy will likely offer in-app tools that form a powerful combination in shielding your data. For instance, the program might have an IP-changer that triggers itself over time and alters your address. Also, proxy websites claim to collect minimum information about you. So, they will say that they only need cookie files to function, but is that objectively the situation? 

Allow stellar speeds

Of course, the speeds. They must be supersonic; they must allow you to watch two-hour films in 4k with encryption in parallel. And nine out of ten companies will yell that their proxy’s speed is VIP-level, even when they offer free proxy software. 

Permit global access

Any proxy-elucidating web page will say that you can use the best free proxy servers to bypass digital obstacles. No Internet bulwark will stop you from watching Netflix and HBO. Moreover, the proxy servers must be accessible from any corner of the Earth for free. 

5 Free Proxy Servers Dangers to Expect 

The Internet is a chaotic plane. And browsing the depths of the global network can be more dangerous than we might imagine. So, if you go for a free shield from digital hazards, anticipate: 

1. No encryption as a free proxy server might not use HTTPS 

HTTPS connections’ absence means zero encryption. Zero encryption, in turn, means that you are under observation. Users who go for HTTP connections mostly become prey for analyzers who strive for maximal login stealing. Sure, browsers like Chrome will notify you that the connection is not safe. Yet, that happens when you enable the feature and allow those pop-ups. So, do not neglect to check if your browser remembers to alert you when there is an HTTP. 

A US tech enthusiast Christian Haschek tested 443 proxies to see if they allow HTTPS. His research showed that more than half of proxy servers for free blocked HTTPS connections. That research entered the informational realm in 2015, but has the situation changed since then? 

Various proxies go for HTTPS. Still, every user must analyze all the offers to see which program meets their demands. But, alas, most of those safest proxy servers start asking for money after you use the tool for a week. Some programs will start gorging your money bit by bit after a month. Thus, you have only two options. The first option is using the 100% free web proxy server and endangering your data. The second option is spending from $3 to $10 per month to be safe — sometimes only seemingly. 

2. The monitoring might not stop 

Seeking free HTTPS proxy servers and finding one or two does not guarantee that you have shielded yourself from monitoring. Of course, the website that offers a free IP proxy swears that no third parties observe and fix info on your actions. 

So, the program owners must have all standard tools to protect users from onlookers. Yet, you have to trust their words without getting a single proof. So, that is the same as playing roulette: you might bet randomly and win, or you might lose all your stakes. The outcome has zero logic and predictability. So, will you gamble on your digital safety? 

3. Oops, viruses 

Let us explain how the so-called best free proxy servers survive in the digital ocean without getting a cent from you. No user pays the owner. So, that person (or a team) decides to incorporate adverts and pray that you (mis)click them. Those advertisement pieces are also notorious for popping up when you are about to tap the button at the most significant second. 

The owners need any resources to fuel their business. So, they will place materials from various advertisers and prioritize those that offer vaster payments. Rejecting the deals because the ad is far from being top-notch equals losing money. So, expect to see banners that block your sight every time you use the program. 

Redirections are one issue, but what happens when an automated download commences? It might be challenging to find the file your device has just gulped. And if that is a virus — you will not find that file at all.

A free IP proxy has all capabilities to accommodate malware in your system. So, be extra accurate with your moves and super attentive to every button you click. Afresh, you stake your safety.

4. Cookie stealing 

Important temporary files ensure your website usage and a row of other significant actions. We may say that our communication with any page depends on how cookies function. But those files are also the ones that keep you in the system. 

If the so-called safe proxy server becomes a tool for cookie stealing, the watchers have the set to mimic your presence on the net. They will know your logins and passwords. If you have forgotten about the two-factor authentication, aliens log in — and your accounts are now theirs. Losing an account in a video game is unpleasant, but that is not a catastrophe, even when you have donated to the game. But losing your bank accounts and other essential tools might be detrimental. 

Remember that crackers do not care about your well-being. They will gorge the maximum of your resources. And if you have visited any sensitive pages with no protection, they will be extra happy about your mistake.

5. Mere poor performance and functioning 

Suppose you have found the free proxy server website that meets nine of ten of your demands. You have discovered that the safest proxy server performs poorly amidst hundreds of options. 

Its speed loses to a turtle in a race. Your ping scratches the clouds. Your downloading speed is what uploading speed usually is. And the uploading speed, in turn, is non-existent. 

As a result, your browsing experience wastes eons of your time. Moreover, who said that there would be no connection interruptions? So, expect to stare at a wall for minutes before accessing a regular webpage. 

Should You Even Try Proxy Servers for Free? 

The answer is close to being negative. Notwithstanding, a stable free web proxy server might become your temporary tool for safe browsing. If you are ready to tolerate speeds lower than Hell, your decision might be wise. Yet, remember that you have to research, analyze, and preferably test the free proxy software you fancy.

How to Protect Your Data while Using Proxy Servers for Free? 

The first action is checking your browser and ensuring that it will notify you of suspicious sites. First and foremost, do everything for 100% certainty that you do not scan HTTP pages. Strive for browsing HTTPS websites solely. 

Second, a VPN tool will not be odd. If there are defective instruments, your IP and other data pieces will be an objective for informational predators. It is advisable to prioritize VPNs with IP switchers and a properly functioning kill switch. 

Third, your anti-malware system must be up-to-date. It is expedient to check the cleanliness of your computer/tablet/smartphone every day after a browsing session. At least do that once per week. Do not neglect to scan your device for suspicious files that might be collecting your information right now. 

The Final Pronouncement 

Seeking a reliable free web proxy server means believing in analytical powers and luck in equilibrium. There is no way to be definite that you have found the best free proxy servers. Of course, there are means of safety that might help you shield your information. Yet, the digital universe is unpredictable. So, getting no armor and still venturing to the Internet tenebrosity bears dangers. 

Choosing well-estimated and previously tested programs is advisable to ensure your safety. But if you are not ready to give a cent for informational security, be sure that you know the protection ways.

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