Digitization Changes IT Hiring Processes and Employers Demand Enhanced Skills

by Dan Goodin
08 Jun 2022

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The paces of the new economy call for scalable solutions to complexified business challenges. What candidate’s skills are the priority, given the new reality? 

The Changes We Have Already Faced 

Modern existence rules demand new forms of uniqueness from us. The digital plane transforms every second. Today’s new projects might become outdated in a year, if not a couple of months. Yes, that is an exaggeration. Still, nowadays, IT specialists cannot spend time focusing on unrepeatable, 100% unique projects. Still, that does not mean that their contributions do not bear novelties. Just now, every project starts from picking a template and not from the very-very start. 

The Skills an IT Employer Focuses on 

According to CIO Amit Venugopal, the leading IT professionals focus on automation and cloud techs for business. Ubiquitous automation facilitates many processes. Yet, new generations of IT specialists must sustain and develop skills of: 

Revenue management 

Deep and disciplined analytics remains one of the most significant components. Moreover, it is vital to get alert to every change with rapid market alterations. And consumer behavior becomes more and more segmented, complexifying predictions. In turn, price flexibility must make both clients and companies happy with the outcome of contracts and purchases. 

Capabilities assessment

Performance evaluation is not only to state the (un)successfulness of actions and results. First and foremost, that provides insights and comprehension of what components function 100% well or fall behind. So, capabilities assessment skills are about fishing out concise and narrowly-focused questions, like: 

  • Is the DevOps process efficient? 
  • What are software development cycles, and what are their key peculiarities? 
  • Is a security system sufficient to ensure privacy and protection from attacks? 
  • How did disaster recoveries go, and was the mitigation sufficient? 

Data management 

The management principles can alter, but an employer wants to know that their data is safe in employees’ hands. So, there must be clear fact of who operates data systems, what is data’s current validity, etc. 

Embracing the New Reality 

Yes, the IT specialists are not as fast as their tools. But that only calls for developing new skills that sustain the machine’s adequate performance. Now employers prioritize the mentioned skill set. Yet note that even tomorrow, that list might get another point.

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