How To Create Sneaker Bots? – Everything You Need To Know About Shoe Bots

by Dan Goodin
29 Nov 2022

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Do you know what sneaker botting is? Since you’ve come across this page, you must know something about them. If not, we are here to supply you with a concise explanation. Sneaker bots are a piece of software used to purchase the new (and especially limited!) releases of top brands like Yeezy or Supreme. 

Why can’t you just go to a store and buy them manually? Well, some items are so hyped, that it takes just a couple of seconds for them to get out of stock. And, all that will be left for you, is to visit resellers and pay at least twice the initial price.

Why Do You Need to Build a Sneaker Bot?

You might have a pretty obvious question: are there any ready sneaker bots you can purchase and use? 

Of course, there are. However, you might face some issues with them, and here are some reasons why:

  1. 1. Footwear websites know about such programs and don’t welcome them at all. So, they do their best to protect their platforms with security algorithms, making plenty of simple cheap bots useless.
  2. 2. Modern software, designed to overcome new protection methods, costs pretty much: prices might start from $5,000 or so. A pair of sneakers purchased in the offline store would be much cheaper, right?
  3. 3. It’s not so easy to purchase such programs. Even if you can afford them, they become out of stock as quickly as the new Jordan sneakers.

So, the question of how to create a bot to buy things doesn’t seem so weird anymore. Let’s try to find out how to make such a program yourself.

What Must Your Sneaker Bot Do?

So, you decided to create a bot for shoes. You have two ways to do it – develop it yourself or order it from some seasoned professionals. Whatever way you choose, you need to make sure you know what you want to get. So how do sneaker bots work and what can they do?

It turns out that there are several types of bots, and they have similar, but still different ways of working. Let’s look at the top popular types. 

Scraping Sneaker Bots

Such software is probably the simplest one. It monitors pages of online shops and collects prices, items in stock, and other information you might need.

  • The main aim of this shoe bot is to inform you about the best price or new item arrivals — and let you be the first to purchase what you want.

Account Creation Sneaker Bots

These bots help you to purchase the limited or restricted items like sneakers issued by top brands. With hundreds of accounts created automatically within a couple of seconds, they allow you to make several purchases at once. 

  • You don’t waste time filling out registration forms and have a chance to be the first to buy the desired item.

Alternatively, some programs can take over the existing accounts and give you full control of them. It’s even quicker than creating a new account from scratch.

Resale Sneaker Bots

In a nutshell, such programs just keep clicking the ‘Add’ button on the website right after the new release appears. 

  • As soon as the new item is dropped on the website, a resale program will automatically purchase it — it will take no more than half a second.

Of course, you will need to share some information with such software. It will need to know a shipping address and your credit card details. So, its settings are a bit more complicated than, say, in a simple scraper.

Sneaker Bot Architecture

To know how to make a program for purchasing items, you need to understand what it consists of. Even if you are going to order this software at some freelance website, you must provide a developer with a particular test task and understand the process, after all.

  1. 1. A bot is a code, usually written in JavaScript or Python, that launches a particular algorithm. For example, you can make your program log in to a site, make a search, add an item to your cart, and buy it using a credit card number. Besides, it must look like it’s a real person and overcome captchas, accept cookies, etc.
  1. 2. A proxy server is used to rotate your IP address. Your bot does the same task over and over. Such activity will look suspicious for a website which will most likely block your IP. To avoid it, your program needs to work through a proxy. Thus, it will use different IP addresses that will look like many people issuing requests from various locations.

To sum up: it’s not enough to just code a bot. You also need to mask it under a reliable sneaker proxy with different IP addresses. Sneakerheads and sneaker botters usually recommend using residential proxies for such programs.

How to Make a Sneaker Bot: Looking for Solutions

As we have already mentioned, you have two ways to get a sneaker bot. You can either build it yourself or order it according to the technical requirement. Let’s look at both options in detail.

How to Create a Sneaker Bot from Scratch

The good news is that if you know programming languages, you can easily adjust some ready codes to your needs. 

Here are some GitHub links you might find useful: they contain ready-made solutions and comments on how to create a sneaker bot.

If it doesn’t work out for you, here is a code example for JavaScript developers — it might give you a hint of how you can create your program for resale:

Let searchKeyword = ‘+AirMax;

// +high-top, +mid

Let categories = [

“Category1”,       // ->0

“Category2”,       // ->1

“Category3”,       // ->2

“Category4”,       // -3

“Category5”,       // ->4


Let category = categories[4];

// You could edit it for which one you want.

Let prefferedSize = ‘4,5-10’

Let checkout_delay = 1000;

// adress info

Let billing_name = “ ”;

Let billing_email= “ ”;

Let billing_phone_number = “ ”;

Let billing_address = “ ”;

Let billing_adress_2= “”;

Let billing_zip = “ ”;

Let billing_city = “ ”;

Let billing_state = “ ”;

Let billing_country = “ ”

// Payment info

Let credit_card_type = “Card Type”;

Let_credit_card_number = “ ”;

Let credit_card_month = “ ”;

Let credit_card_year = “ ”;

Let credit_card_cvv = “ ”;

It doesn’t look too complicated: you can add the values you need in every line, or upgrade the code further to meet your particular needs.

How to Code a Sneaker Bot: Paying for Development

If you know all the nuts and bolts of the reselling business, but have no idea of how to work with code, let the professionals help you.

How much would it cost? Here are some examples of freelance tasks for creating such programs:

  1. Source:
  • Budget: $30-$250 for a bot
  • Average price freelancers requested for this job: $179
  • Technical requirements:
Code a Sneaker Bot Task
Code a Sneaker Bot Task
  1. Source:
  • Budget: $250-$750 for a bot
  • Average price freelancers requested for this job: $578
  • Technical requirements:
Code a Sneaker Bot Task
Code a Sneaker Bot Task

So, depending on your requirements and how complicated your program will be, you might spend about $100—$500. As a result, you will get a customized bot working exactly the way you need it.

To Sum Up

A sneaker bot is a pretty complicated software that costs money and takes effort. Still, it usually pays off. All you need is to choose the right proxy provider and think through all the steps your program must make to complete your task.

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