How To Choose The Best Sneaker Proxies For Your Business In 5 Steps

by Dan Goodin
01 Mar 2022

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Using a proxy during sneaker copping, especially applying a bot, is a win/win situation. Its preliminary function is to hide your real IP address and avoid blocking you out of the target website. It is quite important because most high-grade websites feature top-notch classification algorithms aimed at figuring out if it is a bot or a human to have made a request. 

Right proxies will enable you to send many purchase requests using multiple IP addresses. Another advantage is the opportunity to choose any location among the registered ones. And lastly, you will even be able to do copping from the areas that were confined by the website.

Sounds attractive? Well, yes, it does. Imagine the benefits it could bring to your business! However, selecting the right service is rather tough for many shoppers and especially businesses. Thus, we are here to alleviate the whole process and help you maximize the prosperity of your copping. 

What is Sneaker Botting?

What is a Sneaker Bot?

It is an automated software instrument intended to autocomplete the choice of an item, buying it, and check-out process when shopping online. In this particular context, as the name implies, a sneaker bot is used to “cop” (meaning buy) limited-edition shoes. It is widely applied in multiple companies. And successful copping with a bot is called “cooking.”

Lingo aside, why would your company want to involve sneaker bots at all? 

And the short answer is speed.

Anyone who has ever done shopping online is aware of how time-consuming this activity might be. Every step requires time: adding items to the cart, entering payment info, providing shipping details, and so on. Even usual online shopping can be tiresome, not to mention operations with limited stock products. By the moment you reach check out, having completed all the steps, chances are that you miss out on the product you wanted to buy. 

The thing is that if you do not get a competitive product, you will be unable to provide customers with a competitive offer. The number of shoes available in some limited editions might be as few as a couple of dozen, thus even a few seconds can make the difference. 

This bot saves preferences, sizes, as well as all necessary private data. This tool enables it to automatically use information where necessary. It takes a sneaker game into hyperdrive, completing the process within milliseconds after the shoes were released. Shoppers, who manually type their information into forms, will obviously be unable to do it faster than bots. That is why so many businesses and collectors rely on bots during launch days.

How do Sneaker Bots Work?

Companies, dealing with retail business, must provide websites at their best so that customers’ shopping experience is flawless. For that purpose, they use bots themselves that, like a real client, automatically put products in the cart, fill in private details, and check out. 

Thereby, retailers unintentionally make a backdoor for third-party bots, too, to seep their website and shop unnoticed. The same goes for sneaker bots in particular. It is designed to work behind the scenes. Once the shoes are released, it finds and buys them as fast as no customer would ever be able to do it in the same fraction of time. In the case of using a bot with a sneaker proxy, it will even be able to make multiple purchases on the same site without being blocked. 

Sneaker Bot Proxies

For businesses, obtaining a good bot is only half of the sneaker-copping formula. The other half is completing it with a set of quality proxies. This server is a sort of gateway enabling your computer to search the internet anonymously. In other words, it prevents your real IP address from emerging on the websites you are targeting and displaying the altered IP instead.

If you still wonder why your company might need it all, we will explain it. 

The reason retailers restrict multiple purchase requests from one IP address on launch days is the reason for your business to utilize these services if you want to acquire competitive products. Without a proxy, your real IP will ultimately be blocked, leaving you out of luck. 

Sneaker bot proxies surmount this restriction by supplying spare IP addresses. In that way, it will appear as if many various real users are buying the shoes. It gives no hint that it is one human, not to mention a bot. They allow you to buy multiple products from various sites and not be stymied by the websites for using shoe bots. 

How to Select the Best Proxies for Sneaker Bots

So, as we already have figured out, attempting to cop sneakers without sneaker bot proxies is futile. Yet, the next step is choosing the right and quality service. Below, we have compiled a list of main aspects for you to consider while selecting the best option:

  1. Location
  2. Waiting time
  3. Type of proxy
  4. Number of proxies

The location and the waiting time of your proxy go hand in hand. There are companies that sell servers located on the other side of the world. We need to inform you in advance about two things that will happen in case you buy the one placed in a far-off location. First, it is going to be very slow. What, in its turn, means a rather death-knell for the sneaker game. Second, most likely, it will be a red flag to the target website that increases your chances of being blocked.

In contrast, try to pursue low-risk locations in your main area. USA proxies, for instance, are considered a great choice. Usually, these options are fast, reputable, and low-risk. 

Whereas the waiting time means how fast your server and the target website can communicate. Hence, if you would like to make it faster, then factor in upgrading to a virtual personal server. These particular servers are developed to ensure blazing-fast speeds, which is ideal for running proxies and bots.

The number and the type you opt for purchase are important, too. If you only start, we recommend selecting dedicated proxies. Unlike a semi-dedicated server, a dedicated proxy will help you avoid sharing the ID with anyone else. 

Another good idea is to purchase various proxies for your bot. Buying these services means that you receive them in bundles. Those bundles might contain from five to several hundred at once. In the context of copping, the availability of at least 25 proxies will enable your bot to rotate across various services. It will help stay anonymous and prevent the likelihood of getting blocked.

By now, we have mentioned more generalized pieces of advice on how to get sneaker bots as well as proxies. Below are more detailed steps for you to take in order to choose the best options:

Step 1. Stay Away from Free Proxies

The short answer to the question – whether or not free proxies are a good opportunity to cut your budget – is No. Free services are insecure and unreliable. And we are going to substantiate why we label them as such.  

Different security issues are the first reason. Free proxies are designed to force you to load less safe forms of web pages (HTTP). It means that all the traffic will remain unencrypted which makes it vulnerable to attacks. Some servers modify JavaScript codes and HTML, meaning that you might find your devices with malware. 

Companies that run free services do not invest in providing fast speeds and numerous connection points. Successful copping implies that you get your hands on products prior to anyone out there and using a fast proxy is crucial in that regard. 

Step 2. Select Proxies according to the Target Location

Although most services invest in software and infrastructure to increase speed, physical closeness still plays an important role. For example, if we consider two services with a similar quality level and you are going to do sneakers copping the US, then the proxy inside the US will work quicker than the one from Europe. 

While it is not necessarily for the service company’s headquarters to be in the country where the website you target is, it still must have a point of a proxy connection there. Thus, remember to check the list of proxy connections a company offers when selecting a proxy for copping. Then cross-reference that list with the websites you are usually utilizing. 

Also, feel free to test the proxy speed. It can be done with various free tools online, like Speedtest for instance.

Step 3. Consider Rotating Proxies

To counteract classification algorithms of high-authority sites, you will have to use another IP address during every sent request of yours. As a business, you will not be able to buy various sneakers in large quantities at the same time using one IP address. 

Altering IP addresses manually prior to sending the next request is a laborious task. That is why you need to factor in rotating proxies. A rotating proxy will automatically assign a new IP address before sending every task. It will even cope with as large a number of requests as 1,000 at a time.

In case you have to deal with a lot of sneakers copping, a rotating proxy is the best option for you to go with. Check out the features to be sure if the proxy company suggests this advantageous approach.

Step 4. Pay Attention to the Country of Origin

Country of origin is important for several reasons. It is, in fact, the physical location of the proxy server you are working with. If it is somewhere near your target website, then the connection will be rather fast, and vice versa.  

Another reason why the country of origin is significant lies in the geo-block restriction. Some top-notch websites have a list of geo-blocked locations, any access from which is unavailable. However, this restriction can be bypassed by using a proxy from a country that is whitelisted. 

Therefore, prior to finally deciding on a sneaker proxy, first go to your target websites and find out about black and white lists of countries. Afterward, make sure that the proxy service company provides connection points according to your needs. 

Step 5. Compare proxy prices

This step is the last yet not the least important. All proxy service companies are created in different ways and it applies to their pricing policies as well. In case sneakers copping plays a significant role in your business model, and you need to use it in the long term, then you rather consider it as an investment.

Yet, to increase the ROI, you should opt for a company that suggests feasible proxy services. Your choice should be easier now as you already know what to look for in the process of sneakers copping and proxy shopping. Search for the services that provide the features we have discussed above, compare their prices and go ahead with the most available one.


For your business, quality and a reliable proxy is an essential instrument in your sneakers copping toolbox. Currently, there are many proxy companies that offer unique services, and no wonder you could have gotten lost at some point. Yet now, it should be much easier for you to choose a proxy best suitable for your sneakers copping. 

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