Edge Browser Gets a VPN Addition to the Basic Toolkit — Microsoft Announcement

by Dan Goodin
02 May 2022

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Network security nowadays requires more updates to keep the maximum of users safe. Extra encryption is necessary, given that hackers and crackers have activated their work. Moreover, DDoS attacks have been quite massive recently. Thus, Microsoft announced a new proxy VPN feature on May 1, 2022. 

VPN becomes a standard component of the default browser, known as Edge. Powered by Cloudflare, it guarantees proxy protection and shields your resources from DDoSing. Additionally, the VPN warrants IP masking for ultimate informational security. 

According to Microsoft’s statement, Edge’s secure net: 

  • Encrypts the connection. The encrypted data tunnel does not allow hackers and crackers to intrude. 
  • Precludes tracking online. Service providers collect essential data pieces about you and fix that information. Using the new axiomatic protection system blocks their pathways to your information. 
  • Keeps your location a secret. Profiling is the most common action by advertisers to target you and use the materials to form offers to you. Yet, let us not neglect other informational intruders with malicious intents who may want your IP. The secure net staves off their actions to reveal your IP and location, regardless of their motivation. 
  • Does not require extra payments and charges. Every secure net utilizer may use an extra 1 gigabyte and use the features without spending a cent. See the instructions on how to make a secure net function right now. Let us also highlight that the 1 free gigabyte component has a limit — no user can obtain more than that per month.

According to the privacy statement by the company, Microsoft commits to protecting your privacy. You can learn the document alone or see the briefed summary by visiting the company’s website. 

The VPN feature is yet to come. Let us remind you that the announcement took place on May 1, 2022.

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