Top 6 Ways Proxy Servers Can Help Your Business Stay Competitive

by Dan Goodin
01 Mar 2022

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According to the Media-2020 Report: Refresh – Helping brands prepare for the future, in the following years, it is data that will help your business achieve success. It is fairly the most powerful asset that your company has. Treat information like an operating plan for you to decide what way your business has to take to stay competitive in the market.  

The chart above from the report demonstrates measurements of business growth’s processes. Be it content-writing or SEO activities, using data is a must. 

With due regard to data and its importance, you should be aware that an online platform may hold data that is often irrelevant to your brand. The internet platform suggests a pool of information, even though far from all the data that is available for you out there can be considered an asset. Thus, is there a way for you to retrieve only quality data that will help your business grow indeed? 

Nowadays, technological development can provide you with multiple solutions that might result in long-running advantages for your company. To resort to those solutions, you will need to use proxy servers that will help you obtain accurate data from any source. It will enable you to come up with an up-to-date business solution that matters. 

Using such services regularly and implementing business strategies based on their data is what facilitates your company to grow and progress. In this article, we will explore the topic of a proxy server online, the benefits of using it, and how it can help your business stay on top in a competitive environment. 

Do I need a Proxy Server? 

What is a Proxy Server? 

It is a solution that, through hiding your identity, makes any kind of data from any resource available to your brand. For example, what do you do first when you want to examine some information about your competitors or their strategies? You go visit their website, don’t you? Thus, in such a case, instead of reaching it directly, your request first goes to a proxy server. In its turn, it will then change your IP address and send the altered request to the intended website. 

Changing an IP address is meant to hinder displaying your current location. Many companies establish limited access to some of their website’s data for particular groups of users. If you do not fall within the permissive list, then your request will be blocked or denied. It is your IP address that reveals whether or not you can have access. Therefore, changing it opens the door to the data unavailable to you otherwise. 

Replacing your real IP address with the more corresponding one will provide the desired access to the targeted information. Once conducted, the service ensures that by no means will at any point your identity be exposed.

With such beneficial opportunity proxies provide, imagine all those multiple ways of applying this instrument to your current work activities. The data you will be able to retrieve should help you enhance your current marketing and sales solutions. 

What are the basic features? 

To put it simply, the basic feature is providing you with access to the restricted data of the websites without revealing your identity. 

Striving to improve your marketing and business activities, proxy enables you to surf the internet risk-free and obtain any information you might need. 

Accumulating data is possible through web scraping. In particular, it concerns the following types of data:

  • Your competitors’ marketing activities on the services and products;
  • Backlinks on the websites you are interested in;
  • Keyword requests that your target audience employs;
  • Website’s operations of your competitors.

This information can help you be a step ahead of your main competitors. However, keep in mind that searching and trying to access it might detriment your business reputation. Thus, protect yourself by using proxy servers. 

Benefits of a Proxy Server 

With this service, once requesting some websites, your devices that are connected to the local area will be first directed to the proxy. The configured proxies of your corporate network will then sidetrack each outgoing and incoming data query. In such a way, it checks whether or not it can cater to the data requested itself. In cases of already cached resources, it will suggest the relevant information. In other cases, the service will redirect the request as if from your private network to the demanded servers.

Monitoring pricing ratios 

Setting a correct price is one of the most essential factors for any business. To do it properly, you need to do comprehensive research and reviews. Neither opting for the lowest price nor deciding on the highest one is an option. Your price needs to be set with regard to the value of the product. Potential clients do precisely that: they assess whether or not a particular service is worth the cost and if it indeed provides the value you are suggesting.  

Proxies can help with one of the parts of this crucial price-related decision-making process. In particular, you can access relevant competitors’ data and explore their pricing strategies. Other than that, with a proxy, you can learn about your potential buyers’ recommendations and feedback. It will give you an idea of how much prospects are willing to pay for a product and what their reasons for it might be. 

More impactful SEO activities

Most B2B marketing experts agree that, among all the marketing initiatives, SEO is the most efficient way of generating and capturing leads. Prior to delivering proper SEO tactics, one should first do profound research. For instance, you should find out the topics users are interested in, come up with the list of correct keywords and backlinks, etc. 

This crucial research can be carried out more effectively by using proxy servers. They can enable you to access the related information from your competitors. You can check what SEO features they write upon and compare the prospects’ feedback and comments on their SEO actions. Moreover, you can use their keywords that proved effective in ranking their business well in organic search results. All this will help you avoid apparently wrong steps and make your SEO strategies far more effective. That, in its turn, will contribute to outselling your competitors quicker.

Boosting sales

To capture a lead, raise it, and transform it into a sales lead might be very tedious. Nowadays, potential clients are very well aware of the entire market and the solutions it provides. Therefore, the first thing you, as a business, are to focus on is the prospects’ needs. 

However, the information that is freely available for anyone out there is of little to zero importance to you. Yet the service can provide you with valuable data about your potential buyers. It will deliver to your table adequate information. Your sales department could then apply it to framing sales pitches. Which, in its turn, will result in improving the outcomes.

More efficient research 

What does not require proof is that the more relevant information a business possesses, the more successful it is expected to be. You should know that many companies invest now in performing numerous studies involving data scientists or CTOs. All those experts process the data in order to retrieve meaningful results that can be useful for a brand. However, what is your real chance to come up with something valuable if the initial information is minimal? How accurate could your predictions be in such a situation? 

With the data retrieved due to proxy servers, you may be sure that it is of added value. No matter what those restricted or limited resources are, proxies ensure that you will be able to access them. And afterward, feel free to carry out any online information retrieval activity. Using the maximum of insightful data will convert your predictions into safe operational solutions. 

Affecting a company’s marketing

To achieve the results a brand is expecting, it should apply correct marketing strategies. All the outgoing marketing campaigns are impossible without deeply studied and analyzed data. For example, as soon as you define various types of leads (like “warm”, “hot”, “not interested”), your marketing campaigns will be elaborated respectively. Yet how can you develop a campaign to garner more leads if the information required for that is restricted to you? 

The answer to this question is using proxy servers. They will help you determine what your leads are looking for in the solution. They will enable you to collect the data for creating marketing campaigns that will match your potential clients’ vision. Hence, once getting your offer, a prospect will have no choice but to explore more about what you offer. 

Developing strong involvement in social media 

Source: Digital Q2, Global Digital Statshot v02, Datareportal

The quickest way for any business to tap leads faster is through social media. The number of people who use it has been and continues to grow daily. Yet, how can you stand out among so many of your competitors who, too, use social media intensely? What can differentiate your brand from all the others out there? How can you engage with potential buyers to capture their attention?

All this is possible with proxy servers as they can help you get an idea of what kind of activity works better on a particular platform. For example, they can specify which form of content (be it infographics or video, etc.) your prospects would like you to engage with them in. When you figure out the fastest and the best match, it immediately draws the attention and grasps them. Every business currently uses social media. Yet the maximum of information will enhance your engagements with potential clients and make this tool far more effective.

Other advantages of a Business Proxy

  • Enhance Web Scraping

Instruct your service to gather lots of information from hundreds of different websites. In such a way, you will not get blocked or marked as a bot and will save hours of research. 

  • Increase Corporate Security

Avoid being straightly exposed to the internet and probable malware from it. Do so by making all the traffic coming to business devices first go to an intermediary. 

  • Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

Prevent your internet provider from lowering loading speeds caused by too intense activities (also known as bandwidth throttling). Instead, use proxies that can send thousands of requests as if from thousands of various servers.

Final word

Information is considered the biggest asset of any company and proxy servers enable you to properly utilize it. They can help your brand conduct effective, secure online activities, and benefit from them. They entail a modern solution to access as valuable information as possible. 

Proxy server benefits cover all the spheres of interaction with potential clients – from marketing to sales, to engagement with the public. 

Just keep in mind that, while choosing a provider, verify its security, and rather go for a paid proxy with many IP addresses available. 

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