Hidemyname Full Review: Is It Your Tool for Safe Browsing in 2022?

by Dan Goodin
03 Aug 2022

Hidemy.name is a great proxy alternative for those seeking safe and speedy browsing and consider using VPN.

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Comment: Hidemyname VPN demonstrates exemplary performance in terms of security and anonymity.

Users feedback 4,6
Network stability 4,3
Price 4,6
Support 4,7
Proxy Functionality 4,1
Experts evaluation 4
Network stability 4,2
Price 4,4
Support 4,3
Proxy Functionality 4,1
proxybros.com rank 4
How we score?

When analyzing the proxy, we have conducted in-depth research that helped us reveal all the strong and weak points of the service. Considering expert opinion and customer feedback, our pros studied the range of options and, finally, tested the service.

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How we score?
What is best suited for?
  • shielding your anonymity and data


IP types
  • IPv4
Founding date
31 Jan 2006
Domen registration date
03 Feb 2017
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Ukrainian
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Afghanistan
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • +45 More
Proxy types
  • Mobile VPN
  • Desktop VPN
IP Rotation
Personal Dashboard
Partner program
Free Trial

A free trial is available for 24 hours with a promo code.

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Payment Types
  • Webmoney
  • PayPal
  • Debit card
Refund Policy
30-day money back guarantee
Other Features
  • Steel data protection with VPN (256-bit encryption)
  • 5 stable concurrent connections
  • More than 100 servers
  • Facile installation
  • Functions on many devices
  • No torrent prohibitions
  • Double VPN configuration is actual


Hidemy.name VPN is a more than sufficient tool to access various platforms and websites. It may not help with a shortlist of media resources, but mostly the tool performs without hitches. Its installation ease and convenience contribute to a positive VPN experience. Also, the Hidemy.name kill switch component never malfunctions. There are no complaints about that feature at the moment of writing.

The Hidemyname website provides clear info about the tools’ features and mostly corresponds to reality. Yet, there are issues with speeds. Both local and distant servers might drop your speed by more than 40%, reaching up to 90. Alas, that averts many users from using the Hidemyname proxy constantly. Notwithstanding, stability of functioning and properly working features compensate for that issue. So, many Hidemyname proxy havers tolerate low speeds. 

Torrenting is a possible action. Still, some Hidemyname VPN users report unsatisfying experiences. Mostly, we see the speed issue again. Thus, using the Hidemyname VPN is convenient, but it slows all processes down momentously. 

The pricing matters are tolerable. The price is far from the lowest on the market, but it is fair, given the positive and stable functionality. The monthly charge might be a bit high. So, it is advisable to buy many months of usage to save if you plan to add Hidemy VPN to your digital toolkit. But still, there are more affordable options if you prioritize your finances. 

What to Consider Before Spending a Cent on Hidemyname

It is high time to disclose the full details about the service. There are objective strengths, but please never neglect the weaknesses, even if the tool is seemingly stellar. So, we must elucidate: 


  • Privacy. Hidemyname proxy is a comprehensive tool to ensure your security and anonymity. That might be the strongest plus of the tool, as it prioritizes sustaining the privacy of your actions. Moreover, the website does not demand any extra data pieces from you. The only necessary thing is the email for registration and other operative facts to maintain the account. The company also says it does not have a technical backend to log your browsing experience. To be more precise, here is what the Hidemy.name privacy policy document states: 

The website does not collect and save many data pieces about you objectively. They have no interest in monitoring your web activity. Sure, checkers (like an anonymity test) tell you that the resource reads your information directly. Still, it does not store it. Moreover, you are purchasing the Hidemy.name VPN anonymously to the maximum extent. The service will not send you a receipt because it does not collect your payment info. The only receipt you get is from the bank you use to obtain the program. 

  • Security features. Hidemy’s documentation says that the company respects your security. Yet, the document also reminds us that no digital transmission and storage method is 100% safe. While that is not a disclaimer, it might alter your decision to use the Hidemyname VPN. Still, the service provider ensures that all data pieces remain in a safe facility with axiomatic encryption. Choosing this program means using an AES-256-CBC cipher standardly. But also, every user may choose other encryption levels. So, you might want to pick AES-128 for faster performance. Yet, remember that it means cutting on security. Overall, the experienced users did not report IP leaks or data issues. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. That is unquestionable. The company allows replenishing your expenses if your experience is unsatisfactory. So, the money-back guarantee is actual, and there are no objections or complaints. Yet, we recommend reading the policy about that — read here
  • Server network. In comparison to other apps, Hidemy.name VPN has a small network. It is not tiny, but it could use some work. There are 110 servers, to be precise, but most of them are European. Other servers’ locations of the Hidemyname VPN are notorious for scarcity. For instance, choosing Africa means you may only use the Egyptian server, and that is it. Asian ones are India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, and S. Korea. Also, Hidemyname must function for China, but it merely does not collaborate. So, China users have no other option but to research and pick another reliable VPN. 
  • Torrenting capabilities. The company says that torrenting is possible, and that is true. Yet, the company also asks users to consider downloading/distributing peculiarities of a country. Also, the Hidemy website says that leaving files for downloading boosts complaints. In parallel, that litters the traffic channel. We must highlight that the speed issue enters the scene again here. Depressing speeds make users wait for eons to download various files. But you may check the speeds before performing any actions! The website has a feature that analyzes current down/uploading capabilities. In other words, that is the Internet speed checker: 
  • Kill switch. You may alter its functioning manually, but mostly that is an automated feature. We must note that the kill switch functions without failures, so it deserves 10 out of 10. 
  • Compatibility and simultaneous connections. The Hidemyname proxy functions well with various devices: 

Moreover, the website has all explanations for installing the tool on your device. There are brief recaps of actions to take when installing for Windows, Android, iOS, etc. When you choose any category, the instruction appears right under the panel with devices. Only the router VPN installment explanation redirects you to another page. Also, Hidemy.name allows five concurrent connections. 

  • Streaming. Hidemyname proxy is sufficient for watching US Netflix and some other popular platforms. For instance, watching HBO Max does not bear any issues and crashes. You might need to wait because the Hidemy speeds are notorious for losing a race to a turtle. But if you want Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and some other media services, this VPN will not help you. The services detect that you are not in a certain country. So, this tool is the choice if you are a Netflix enjoyer. But you may encounter problems with many other platforms. As a result, Hidemyname VPN is a so-so choice for streaming. 


The website has all rights to show off the professionalism of its implementation. First and foremost, the neat design contributes to a positive research experience. The upper part of the home page directs us to a few pages: 

It is praiseworthy that the administration posted elucidation of the VPN topic in the “What is a VPN?” section. A unique short video explains the essentials of the tool in a friendly and cute way: 

All texts on the home page are understandable and do not need enhancements. The translators did a profound job so that you may read about the service’s peculiarities in: 

  • English; 
  • Spanish; 
  • German; 
  • Turkish; 
  • Arabian; 
  • Chinese (which users may appreciate, but Chinese people have issues with the program); 
  • Ukrainian; 
  • Russian. 

And when we switch to another language, we see that the essence remains readable and understandable. That is not a rarity, but some websites still use machine translation or neglect to adapt some parts for non-English speaking users. So, top-notch translation is a vast plus to a website’s usability. 

You can find extra information and checkers if you scroll the home page down. There are also convenient lists of tools and other sections that are advisable for scanning. Also, contact information is at the bottom. 

You might also need zero help from the support because there is a whole atheneum of answers for users who encounter issues. The help section has various subsections that show instructions and explanations a user may ever need: 

Overall, the website’s usability deserves a firm five stars. In addition, all installations are trouble-free and do not require any additional skills. Thus, this component of the service is excellent. 

Customer Service

Yes, the low-speed issue exists, and there are some other objective drawbacks. Notwithstanding, Hidemy.name appears as a best-loved program for many people. For instance, Hidemy.name Trustpilot reviews say that 92% of the commentators adore the VPN. Only 4% of reviewers are glad to give it four stars. In parallel, there are only 2% of average estimations and the same number of negative comments.  

The only three-star-giving comment says there is no invoice, but the tool is decent. The Hidemy.name administration did not neglect that comment and responded. The truth was that they could not send invoices because they did not have any info on transactions. The administrator’s response also mentions that the company is sorry for that inconvenience. But they still do not collect that data. 

Alas, there are no Hidemyname proxy reviews on Sitejabber

There are also zero complaints about the service on Reddit. At least there were no negative reviews on the tool at the moment of writing. But we can take a peek into AppStore, which gives the Hidemy app 4.7 stars out of 5. And we must highlight that there are tons of comments in different languages. 

Performance Testing

Performance swiftness is the Achilles’ heel of the Hidemyname proxy. Alas, both local and distant servers tend to work as if they are on their last legs. Suppose that your downloading tempo is 37 Mbps and uploading is 10 Mbps. Multiply that all by 19 ms ping. And here is what might happen if you switch to: 

The locationDownload speedUpload speedPing
US 13.16 Mbps (64% decrease)3.38 Mbps (63% decrease)137 ms
UK13.69 Mbps (63% decrease)8.14 Mbps (12% decrease)33 ms
France3.59 Mbps (90% decrease)6.55 Mbps (29% decrease)61 ms
Australia0.71 Mbps (98% decrease)1.93 Mbps (79% decrease)310 ms
India0.55 Mbps (98% decrease)1.38 Mbps (85% increase)555 ms
Canada 20.65 Mbps (44% decrease)5.32 Mbps (42% decrease)114 ms
Egypt 1.04 Mbps (97% decrease)0.83 Mbps (91% decrease)176 ms

Even the US and Canadian servers do not work swiftly. And the mentioned results might make you doubt if the Hidemyname VPN price is fair. Still, the servers work stably. Moreover, do not neglect that the program ensures your data security. Also, we must remember that users do not complain about this critically. Objectively, the speeds are poor, but users might tolerate it if they are calm about waiting an extra minute. 


The Hidemy.name VPN price is adequate. Given properly functioning features, you can suppose that its cost is explainable. There are various options of payment. 

So, you may obtain the program after paying for: 

  • 1 month — $8; 
  • 6 months — $30 ($5 per month); 
  • 1 year — $48 ($4 per month);
  • 2 years — $72 ($3 per month); 
  • 3 years — $86 ($2.4 per month);
  • 5 years — $120 ($2 per month). 

Also, note that this is a rare service that allows payments in cryptocurrency in parallel with conventional money. While that does not change the prices, it might be more convenient for crypto havers. But you always have the standard payment ways to obtain the program. 

Even though the pricing table highlights the one-year offer, buying only one month first is advisable. You might not get used to low speeds, or there might be any other program’s trait that irritates you and hinders your VPN experience. Also, note that payment unblocks a significant number of features, such as: 

  • Open incoming ports; 
  • More servers (and they become performing faster); 
  • Access to the PlayStation Network; 
  • Captcha erasure; 
  • Simultaneous connections protect more devices for minimal costs. 

The Hidemy.name proxy is not the cheapest on the market, but steel protection motivates many users to buy years of usage. Moreover, the speeds become less irritating after payment (and users get used to moderate slowdowns). But if you want any discount codes, alas, they are non-existent. 

The Final Decision

Users tend to be neutral about real drawbacks like dawdling speeds and blocking by various streaming services. Mostly, the Hidemyname VPN demonstrates exemplary performance in terms of security and anonymity.

As a rule, the Hidemy VPN does not fail to shield your data and mask you in the depths of the Internet. We must also highlight that the website explains all features and peculiarities without hiding a pitfall. The information on the home and the help pages is enough to determine if the Hidemy.name tool is your best pick. In addition, websites’ top-notch usability contributes to productive research. 

Still, there is a vast issue with speeds. Some servers perform extra poorly. They start performing a bit better after payment — solely. But the speed drops to the Mariana trench when you use the app for free. 

Also, the Hidemy servers’ variability is scarce. Most of the servers are European, and some regions have only a few servers. 

There are a few comments from discontent users, but they all get a response. The administrators usually do not neglect an inquiry or a complaint. So, you may expect efficient support if you lack some answers, even after scanning the FAQ. 

Given steel protection, crystalline explanations, and tolerable performance, the tool is 4.5 stars. So, it is a wise choice when anonymity and data shielding is your priority. Yet, be ready to tolerate 50-100 ping occasionally.

Does Hidemy.name proxy work with Linux?

Yes, it functions well with Linux. Also, it may work with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and routers. If you need installation instructions, there are explanations on the website for each device you need to connect.

Will the proxy disclose my IP?

It will show only when you toggle settings manually and disclose that informational piece. As a rule, the program keeps guard over your IP. Plus, its kill switch does not fail to protect you from data leaks.

Can I distribute files that I have torrented using this proxy?

Technically, yes. Still, that is axiomatically not advisable. There is an explanation for why you should not go for it on the website. First and foremost, such actions bear complaints. Second, you are trashing the server channel by fueling useless traffic.

What if I cannot find an answer to my problem on the website?

The support shows efficient performance and reacts to your needs eventually. You might have to wait if you type the inquiry at night. Also, you may contact the support via email and other communication channels.

Is a two-year payment plan a good decision?

There is no versatile answer, as every plan choice depends on your readiness to use the tool for such a long period. If you have been using the proxy for a long time and it is enjoyable, it is a wise option. Moreover, you pay only $3 per month by buying two years of usage. Still, we recommend trying a paid version for one month to determine if you want to prolong the subscription. In addition, there are cheaper services.


Have you already used this proxy? Or do you still need some additional info about the solution? Feel free to share your experience and ask any questions below!

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