Full Review 2022

by Dan Goodin
09 Nov 2021

Datacenter, rotating/static residential proxies + Chrome Extension, ISP connectivity, and over 20 million IPs.

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Comment: NetNut has advanced geo-targeting at a good price.

Users feedback 4,6
Network stability 4,5
Price 3,1
Support 3,7
Proxy Functionality 4,2
Experts evaluation 3,4
Network stability 3,5
Price 3,5
Support 3,5
Proxy Functionality 3 rank 3,8
How we score?

When analyzing the proxy, we have conducted in-depth research that helped us reveal all the strong and weak points of the service. Considering expert opinion and customer feedback, our pros studied the range of options and, finally, tested the service.

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How we score?
What is best suited for?
  • Data Extraction, SEO Monitoring, Competitive Intelligence & Market Research, Social Media Management (SMM)


IP types
  • IPv4
Founding date
13 Sep 2017
Domen registration date
14 Jan 2017
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • US
  • Brazil
  • India
  • UK
  • +19 More
Proxy types
  • Datacenter Proxies
  • Static Residential Proxies
  • Rotating ISP Proxies
  • HTTP
Pool of IPs
Over 20 million proxies
IP Rotation
Personal Dashboard
Partner program
Free Trial

7-day trial

Payment Types
  • PayPal
  • Debit card
  • Direct
  • Backconnect
Refund Policy
No, but before purchasing a plan, you can benefit from a 7-day trial to fully maximize the potential of the proxy network. Although a refund is not generally provided, it can be considered according to the plan usage.
Other Features
  • One-hop ISP connectivity (DiviNetwork)
  • API for Stats
  • Chrome Extension
  • Premium Static IPs
  • City-State Selection
  • Dedicated Private Pools
  • Segmentation of the site for web scraping (no extra charge)
  • High speeds and low latency
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic connection to the best server

NetNut delivers a beneficial service with a clear advantage over its competitors while quickly establishing itself as a pioneer in proxy network innovation. The proxy pool is rapidly growing, with more than 5 million residential IPs from throughout the world while maintaining a high-quality proxy network. For SEO tracking, site scraping/data collection, and market research, their proxies are one of the best choices.


Feature-Set and Guidance

NetNut offers premium proxy service options to customers, so you can use three different proxy kinds, including rotating residential, static residential, and datacenter. It can be challenging to find a secure and private proxy server. However, NetNut is a new proxy provider that concentrates on home and mobile proxies; thus, we recommend it as an everyday solution. NetNut is a global proxy network that provides ethical proxies for every business, increasing the number of options for any proxy scenario.

NetNut is a game-changer in the proxy world, where it does not make a big deal about the number of proxies it offers. That is most likely due to how the IPs are obtained. Unlike the rest of other proxy services, NetNut obtains all of its residential IPs directly from ISPs, rather than using peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

To that purpose, the Tel Aviv-based provider employs the services of DiviNetworks, a company that divides bandwidth across its global networked ISPs. In essence, NetNut can provide residential IPs directly from ISPs by piggybacking on DiviNetwork. So, while it does not have tens of millions of IPs, its comparably limited pool of IPs provides stability and speedier proxy performance.

NetNut employs the services of DiviNetworks, which is essentially a bandwidth-sharing business, but DiviNetworks works with internet service providers rather than individuals. This enables NetNut to obtain IP spaces that have previously been used. You may be using them in tandem with end consumers, and, as a result, NetNut’s proxies should be more difficult to block than other static residential IP addresses, which are frequently left unused.

NetNut has traditionally catered to clients with high-volume requirements, such as social media marketers, search engine scrapers, and sneaker resellers. NetNut enhanced its offering with datacenter and peer-to-peer residential proxies a month later, foreshadowing developments with the debut of a free VPN in January 2021. Simultaneously, the pricing levels were considerably broadened to cover entry-level customers.

Rotating Residential Proxies – NetNut’s home proxy network rotates between 10 and 20 million IPs per month. We cannot be sure since IP addresses change – and because NetNut delivers contradictory information from multiple sources. In any event, we were able to verify that the residential proxies cover more than 150 countries. You can pick and choose the regions you want to target. NetNut does not give much information regarding its rotation options. However, it appears that you can rotate the IPs with each request or create a session to preserve the IP until it becomes unavailable.

Best Features:

  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Rotating session support
  • Generated through real end-users devices
  • Speed above average
  • Gather any data
  • API for stats
  • Dedicated private pools
  • Sticky IP sessions

Static Residential Proxies (ISP) – Around 1 million static home proxies are advertised on NetNut. Even though their number has fallen over the years, NetNut remains one of the leading providers of such IPs. The static residential proxies cover roughly 30 sites, mainly in the United States and Europe. This is adequate for most purposes. However, NetNut’s rotating residential proxies are a better solution if you need IPs from Africa or small South American countries. You can only target cities and states in the United States. Otherwise, you’re stuck with precision at the county level.

Backconnect gateway servers are used by the NetNut proxies. They do not have to rely on end-users or their devices because they’re static. Instead, the server can keep the same IP for an infinite period. Every request can be rotated, but you will have to make up special sticky sessions manually. NetNut stresses that its proxies can be used with any website, including search engines. This is a refreshing approach in an era when other providers are requiring whitelists or directing clients to pro scraping tools. If you have a specific target in mind, you can request specialized proxies from NetNut for that website.

Best Features:

  • Residential ISP proxies
  • Fast Static IPs
  • Gather any data
  • API for stats
  • Dedicated private pools
  • 100% network uptime

Datacenter Proxies – The network of datacenter proxies is NetNut’s most accessible service. This is a collection of 50,000 shared IP addresses sourced from cloud hosting providers. They cycle automatically, making the service appealing for scraping unprotected websites; unfortunately, the United States is the only location provided.

Best Features:

  • High capability proxies
  • Fast Datacenter IPs
  • Gather any data
  • Shared Datacenter proxy
  • Simple self-service purchase


Netnut’s proxies are very simple to set up, which is something you will appreciate. They offer a really simple and basic dashboard that simplifies things for you. This, combined with the fact that you have been allocated an account manager, makes things even easier. You get access to their dashboard as a subscriber. You can see how much bandwidth you have used and how much you have left in this online dashboard. There is also a part that explains how to use their proxies in your own applications. They have a simple API that allows you to get real-time bandwidth usage data. When you need to know how much bandwidth is left programmatically, this will come in handy.

Customer Service

On, NetNut has a rating of 4.8 stars. Customers believe that NetNut has the most dedicated customer support and fast proxies, unlike their direct competitors. Except for the fact that they do not have live chat help integrated into their website, NetNut got it perfect in this area. They do, however, have a system in place that is similar. When you sign up for an account with them, you will be allocated an account manager and a Skype chat for the two of you. The account manager responds as soon as they receive your message.

All in all, their staff, based on the comments I received and how others evaluate them, are professional. Aside from Skype live chat support, you may also email them if your account manager is not as helpful as you would like, and they will react just as soon. They also offer a great FAQ page with solutions to frequently asked issues from their customers.

Performance Testing

Proxy Speed & Ping Tests

Proxy providers who do not rely on the peer-to-peer network may offer advantageous and more competitive solutions. So far, the speed and latency of almost all proxy tests have not broken any records. To recap, latency is the time it takes for data to travel from the endpoint to the server and back, whereas speed refers to the amount of data traveling through the endpoint in one second. However, the result is incredible, where only one proxy had a latency of more than 100 milliseconds, while the rest were well below that threshold. The speeds are also solid – while some other proxy providers could only demonstrate speeds of a few MBPS, NetNut showed more than 50 MBPS in certain cases. However, it is not typical for all IPs in the pool, here are the average results:

Ping72 ms
Download speed29.01 Mbps
Upload speed12.01 Mbps

Geolocation & ISP Test

As previously stated, NetNut does not have residential proxies in every country on the planet. Still, the proxies must be good and come from the locations they claim to be. When accessing geo-blocked webpages, having a bad proxy will cause issues. Fortunately, residential proxies are mostly of decent quality, so all IPs we tested were valid.

IP Address Compatibility Test

NetNut includes endpoints specifically designed for sneaker websites. The rest of the sites we looked at yielded excellent results. We were able to access all of the websites that we usually test with no problems. However, when we use their proxies to visit Nike and Adidas, we get an HTTPS problem, so we cannot test it on them. We have already notified their support team, and they should be able to resolve the issue shortly.


NetNut’s pricing depends on traffic. You can choose from several different plans, each with its own set of gigabytes. If the display options are not enough for you, custom plans are also available. NetNut is on the higher end of the pricing curve compared to other residential proxy providers. This is especially true for the entry-level plans, which start at $25 for a static plan and $20 for a rotating plan for 1 GB of data. However, they scale nicely and become very appealing once you reach 250 GBs. The data center proxies are significantly less expensive, but only when compared to NetNut’s residential proxies. They range in price from $20 for 20 GB ($1/GB) to $500 for 1 TB ($0.5/GB). 

You can also choose to pay based on your requirements. This option is for consumers with many needs, and it costs $7,500 per month. When scraping big web pages, paying for successful requests makes the most sense. Plans differ not only in terms of traffic but also in terms of features. The cheapest plan, for example, does not include Skype support, IP whitelisting, or API access. You can get them unlocked by spending additional money.

Final Verdict

NetNut, like every other service provider, has strengths and disadvantages. However, it is a reliable source for purchasing premium proxies. You will be making the appropriate option of buying proxies from them if they have a pool of over 10 million residential IPs acquired directly from ISPs, good connection speed and scraping performance, and skilled, dedicated account managers. You may even sign up for a 7-day free trial to try their proxies. However, you should be aware that if you need SOCKS proxies, they are not the greatest option for you if you require SOCKS proxies because they do not provide them. Aside from proxies, enhancements are required, particularly when it comes to the user experience. The documentation is inadequate, setup instructions are hostile, and customer service is confined to Skype. 


What is the Difference Between NetNut and Other Proxy Providers?

While other providers rely on peer-to-peer networks, the NetNut service is dependent on DiViNetworks’ existing data transport and network management solutions because of their unique position and location. DiViNetworks has built a global proxy network and technology, with hundreds of servers hosted by the company at various ISPs throughout the world. The network can also manage hundreds of gigabits per second of network traffic, allowing users to access data and information from any web source. As a result, a highly secure, scalable, and highly available managed network has been developed. DiviNetworks is a world leader in the data delivery area, with a failure rate of less than 1% with the correct architecture on your side.

Is NetNut Faster than Other Proxy Solutions?

A smart IP rotation management layer is built into NetNut. Each request is routed through one of our super proxies, load balancing servers, which return the IP address that is most likely to be available in the requested location. The proxy supports a large number of simultaneous sessions and has a very high success rate. To speed up NetNut usage, it is highly advised to start as many concurrent NetNut sessions as needed. You will outperform any other solution if you use NetNut and the proper architecture.

Is There a Free Trial for Residential Proxies?

Before subscribing to one of the monthly plans, NetNut offers a 7-day free trial on their home network. Rotating Residential and Static Residential IP networks are subject to a short and simple compliance procedure that requires you to submit certain information about yourself, your business, and your use case. NetNut does not save any of that information or use it for marketing purposes. Only certified businesses are eligible for the Residential 7-Day Trial. However, if you work as a freelancer, you can purchase one of NetNut’s micro plans for testing after finishing the compliance process.

What Proxies Does NetNut Offer?

NetNut comes with a variety of proxy networks, each with its unique set of features. By optimizing consumption and targeting websites with the bare minimum of security features, Datacenter Network provides a cost-effective approach to cut per-GB prices. In the United States, we now have over 110K Data Center IPs with rapid response times and 99.9% network uptime.
Residential Network has over 10 million IP addresses and is expanding by the day. P2P residential IPs are obtained directly from end-user devices, providing the highest level of IP dependability for complex web-crawling operations. NetNut’s original network, the Static Residential Network, has millions of static IP addresses and hundreds of ISP agreements in over 50 countries. The legitimacy of a Residential IP address, as well as the opportunity to keep the address for as long as you need it, benefit this network.

What Happens If My Account Usage Exceeds My Minimal Commitment?

You will receive an email warning you that your plan is going to exceed its balance if you have utilized 85 percent of your plan during a payment cycle. When the old plan’s bandwidth limit is reached, you can purchase a new plan, which will immediately activate and alter the start date.
Please keep in mind that your account will continue to function until you have used up your entire plan balance. Unless another plan is purchased in advance, your plan will be suspended once you have consumed 100% of your plan’s bandwidth. To keep your plans active and running at all times, we recommend selecting the “auto-renewal” option.


Have you already used this proxy? Or do you still need some additional info about the solution? Feel free to share your experience and ask any questions below!

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