NodeMaven Proxy Review

NodeMaven is the must-try for anyone who prioritizes quality over everything else. Its strict IP filtering ensures that 95% of its proxies have a premium status. It lists 5M+ IP addresses in over 1400 locations worldwide, so you won’t be restricted. Certainly.

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Summary rank ? The proxy allows you to scrape data, manage many accounts, conduct SEO monitoring, and more — all with top-notch services.
Users feedback 4,2
Network stability 4,2
Price 4,1
Support 4,3
Proxy Functionality 4,3
Experts evaluation 4,4
Network stability 4,4
Price 4,4
Support 4,5
Proxy Functionality 4,5 rank 4,7
How we score?

When analyzing the proxy, we have conducted in-depth research that helped us reveal all the strong and weak points of the service. Considering expert opinion and customer feedback, our pros studied the range of options and, finally, tested the service.

Here are the steps we followed when conducting research:

Analyzing the customer feedback

We have visited several forums devoted to proxy discussion and even participated in it. We have studied reviews on reliable resources with only one purpose – to make our review precise.

Getting to know the expert opinion

We have communicated with experts in the proxy industry. To uncover some hidden pitfalls, we asked professionals about its key features. In our review, we will tell you everything you need to know about the strong and weak points of the proxy provider.

Studying Terms & Conditions

At this point, experts have studied the legal basis. They have touched upon the place of registration, owners, achievement, reputation, and so on.

Exploring proxy types

To understand the quality of services the company provides, we test each of the proxy types it offers. The range of proxy types can vary as well as their quality.

Evaluating the quality of support

The support team reflects the reliability of the company hence it is essential to check it. We pay attention to response time, the communicative skills of managers, and the usability of the service. Besides, our expert becomes a real user to get into the situation of purchase.

Testing the service

We have checked the proxy provider’s backward and forwards. To make our research full and deep, we have tried out all proxy types offered there. Our experts have analyzed the work of servers paying attention to their features and functionality. In our review, you can look through a detailed description of features.


Our experts have compared this proxy with other popular services. In their comparison, they have touched upon the pricing, set of features, and characteristics. You can find out more in the Comparison section of the website.

What is best suited for?
  • Account management, online purchases, data scraping, and SEO monitoring.
We like
  • The dedicated quality-first approach
  • Record-beating sticky sessions
  • City-level targeting in 150+ countries
  • Unmatched customer support
  • Rolling over the unused bandwidth
We dislike
  • Limited proxy types
  • No free tools or add-ons


IP types
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
Founding date
May 20, 2008
Domen registration date
April 2, 2023
  • English
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • US
  • India
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • 150+ countries, 1400+ cities
Proxy types
  • Residential Proxies
  • Rotating Residential Proxies
  • Sticky Proxies
  • SOCKS5
  • HTTP
Pool of IPs
IP Rotation
Personal Dashboard
Partner program
Free Trial
Support Channel
Payment Types
  • Debit card
  • American Express
  • Wire Transfer
  • Crypto Transfer
  • Dolphin Anty
  • Go Login
  • Multi Login
  • AdsPower
  • Octo Browser
  • MoreLogin
  • Easy integration with all popular platforms & coding languages
Refund Policy
Other Features
  • No major domain restrictions
  • Easy navigation
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Low-cost trial for €3.99
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Affiliate Program


The main page
When you choose this provider, you opt for the highest quality.

Recently, I’ve been searching for a residential proxy service for my marketing needs. I’ve scrolled through many platforms, but nothing like this NodeMaven motto caught my attention: “We are the first proxy provider to prioritize IP quality above all else.” Wow, I thought! Among all the services that boast staggering numbers like 30M+ or 50M+ IPs, this one changes the priority.

The provider promises to deliver premium filtered and verified IPs in over 150 locations around the globe. The pool may not be as huge, just a little over 5M addresses, but 95% of those come with top-notch quality, meaning they were never banned, blocklisted, or used as spam. But I was also shocked by another promise…

NodeMaven sets records, literally. They offer super lengthy sticky sessions lasting up to 24 hours. It’s definitely one of the industry’s highest offers I’ve ever met (and overall, too)!

At this point, I understood that this level of service is what I’m ready to pay for! 

Feature-Set and Guidance: Get More than Just Proxies

Residential Proxies

This provider offers exclusively residential proxies just for now. It encouraged me (because I knew the quality should be unparalleled) and disappointed me a bit (we all seek variety regarding proxies, don’t we?). But NodeMaven is already working on providing Mobile proxies later this year. Meanwhile, let’s speak about what we already have:

When selecting IPs, this service employs an entirely new sorting feature. To understand why it’s paramount, let me start with how it works with other providers:

  1. You set up your proxy, pick all the required functionality, and wait for the magic to happen.
  2. The service automatically connects you to the IP from its pool.
  3. Easy as that! Now, you can start working with your proxy.

But how disappointed will you be when you discover your IP is banned because of its poor quality? Sure, you can rotate it or claim a refund, whatever… But who needs all the hustle if we can get qualitative, verified service on the first try? 

Quality-first approach
This service has developed a unique sorting algorithm.

With this provider, all IPs flow through advanced quality-assurance algorithms, which decide if the addresses are good enough to be added to their pool. That sounds lucrative, sure, but what’s on the practice? I’ve been using the service for two months thus far and haven’t encountered ANY IP blocks, which is impressive!

Even though NodeMaven focuses on quality instead of quantity, it still has a relatively numeric server list, covering 150+ countries and 1400+ cities — the number keeps growing. In my experience, they provide enough proxies in crucial locations like the US, the UK, and Germany. Still, you shouldn’t expect huge numbers in some less popular geos.

Available locations
The service allows city-targeting in over 1400 places around the globe.

I tested the NodeMaven proxy for web scraping, account management, and SEO monitoring, and it worked flawlessly in each scenario. Plus, it doesn’t have any domain restrictions. For instance, I worked with several other services and faced real hurdles (most commonly, I was blocked from e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay). It went like this: I purchased a subscription, launched a proxy, and tried to access the page. Bam, I was blocked. It’s not an issue with NodeMaven!

But sure, I was skeptical about all the blazing promises at first. That’s why I chose their most cost-effective option, a 500 MB trial worth €3.99. After checking out the performance, I opted for the best-fitting subscription (more on that later). 

And here’s a perk for you! Use the coupon code BROS with any order you make (except trials) and get an extra 2 GB of traffic free of charge! The perk is HUGE, so be sure to use it.

Supported Protocols’ Diversity?

The provider can be a bit constraining when it comes to proxy types. The platform provides robust, premium HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies without any explicit info about HTTPS support. Here’s why you should care about this:

  • HTTP services are suitable for general web browsing and non-secure web scraping. They can handle only HTTP traffic.
  • HTTPS proxies already support encrypted traffic. They are well-suited for secure web scraping and accessing HTTPS-encrypted platforms.
  • SOCKS5 services are the most versatile of the three. They can handle HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and other traffic types and can handle versatile tasks like torrenting, online gaming, and incognito web surfing. That’s because SOCKS5 proxies work at a lower network layer and do not analyze or modify the data they transmit. 

In this in-depth guide, I’ve shared the key differences between these protocols in more detail to help you make an informal choice.

But let’s take my real example: I want to access Amazon (which has strong HTTPS encryption) with a NodeMaven proxy. The only suitable option seems to be a SOCKS5 NodeMaven proxy since the provider doesn’t clarify anything about HTTPS support, and HTTP services cannot handle HTTPS-encrypted traffic, remember? But, in practice, given my experience, I didn’t feel a difference. I still managed to access the platform incognito without being blocked.

However, things change when I want to scrape Amazon: Given that NodeMaven SOCKS proxies do not examine or understand the data they send, I could not control or modify the data as it travels. They also do not offer extensive insights into traffic behaviors and scraping efficiency, limiting their capacity for thorough examination. Consequently, while the SOCKS5 NodeMaven proxy could serve as a substitute for HTTPS, it might not be the most suitable option for activities that demand content screening and performance supervision.

I know that HTTP proxies can generally also handle HTTPS, particularly when utilizing the CONNECT method. This method is meant to create a pathway for HTTPS traffic, enabling encrypted data to flow through without decryption by the proxy. 

Yet currently, NodeMaven doesn’t clear things out in that regard. I hope they will one day, though, because HTTPS could also be helpful in terms of caching and detailed traffic analysis

Sticky Proxies

NodeMaven takes the sticky sessions to a new level and turns them into SUPER sticky sessions. It employs a hybrid proxy technology that allows sessions of up to 24 hours, far ahead of the industry average for residential proxies! 

But does it work as described? I should say I’ve tested their sticky proxies a lot (far more than rotating ones), and here’s my verdict: They work pretty well. No, I won’t say they are flawless in 100% of cases! They can lag sometimes or change when not required. Still, in about 70% of all usages, I hit that 24-hour promise, which I think is quite honorable. 

While working with them, I could successfully

  • Manage multiple social media accounts;
  • Check ads performance in different locations;
  • Monitor product price fluctuations;
  • Access the geo-restricted content.

Rotating Residential Proxies

I should be sincere with this: NodeMaven residential sticky proxies are its main specialization. However, the service also provides rotating proxies, which are far less advertised, though. 

Thus, I wouldn’t recommend this provider if you only need rotations. However, if you require a versatile service that can handle both sticky and rotating sessions, you’re good to go with it!

Still trying to decide if the NodeMaven proxy will cover your business needs? Lately, I’ve developed a unique guide on how organizations can choose the best-suiting service for themselves. Why not check it out?

How to Use NodeMaven

The signup page
I signed up for a platform in less than a minute.

This service definitely ranks among the top intuitive and user-friendly options I’ve tried. Besides, I liked they didn’t force me to purchase the subscription immediately. I could easily register on the site by clicking the “Start Trial” button. They asked me to enter my email and a password and actually confirm the email. Voila, they took me right to the dashboard. So I could test it out before committing. Alternatively, those of you who already have an account can head straight to the NodeMaven login.

The platform claims the whole registration process takes less than a minute — well, it actually does!


I integrated the proxy with browser extension tools like Octo Browser and AdsPower, which I use regularly. My experience setting up was flawless because I referred to these detailed guides for NodeMaven download. The site has similar instructions for all compatible tools, which is SUPER convenient. Here is how it looks:

Octo Browser proxy installation guide
They offer detailed guides on the integration with third-party tools.

Each guidance explains the specific tool, its role, and how to make a NodeMaven download for it. 10/10 for me!


The Dashboard of the service
You can get detailed statistics on your proxies on the Dashboard.

I can rate this platform with an A+ for easy and intuitive navigation. Once I signed up, I could access my cabinet with Dashboard, Profile details, Proxy Setup, and more. Plus, I could purchase traffic by just pressing the “Buy Traffic” button and choosing the most suitable plan — as easy as that.

It’s how you set up a proxy
The platform introduces an easy and convenient setup process.

The proxy Setup page is quite straightforward, too. Here, I could customize 

  • the proxy location;
  • session type (rotating / sticky);
  • protocol (HTTP / SOCKS5);
  • if they need to apply a quality filter;
  • and the number of proxies.

All of these took me about 30 seconds — convenient and fast.

Customer Service

Trustpilot reviews
Trustpilot is the only review platform that includes this provider.

NodeMaven is a market newbie registered in April 2023, so it still has few reviews. I couldn’t find any information about it on Sitejabber or Reddit (excluding advertising posts that usually don’t provide objective info).

Luckily, I found the provider on Trustpilot. It has an average score of 4.0 and only eight reviews. But don’t be fooled — it is an excellent score since there are seven 5-star ratings and only one 1-star impression.

Users often highlight friendly customer support, proxy speed and reliability, a vast IP pool, and immense quality. And if you’ve been wondering about that one negative impression, it criticizes sticky proxies for eBay, Amazon, or TikTok. Experiences differ, but I cannot confirm this statement because everything worked well for me on these platforms.

Performance Testing

NodeMaven claims to provide premium-sourced proxies, so I wasn’t surprised to see impressive results during testing. As they state, their proxies suit various tasks, from account management to SEO tracking. They can perfectly handle web scraping, too, even with SOCKS5. 

During my testing, I encountered almost no malfunctions or interruptions, and I could launch sticky sessions for up to 24 hours, which is truly impressive. The success rate was staggering, too. It exceeded 95% for some heavy-weight sites like Amazon and 99% for less complex platforms.

If you want to delve more into the performance of their proxies, here’s the article where they provide detailed testing results after evaluating 50 proxies. These are some insights:

  • High average proxy quality rate;
  • 2.17% of low-quality proxies;
  • 95.83% success rate.

But if you don’t rely much on available tests and want to do some digging, I strongly recommend this checker by ProxyBros. It’s an all-in-one solution for testing your service’s anonymity and validity. And it’s pretty easy to use, too!

NodeMaven Pricing and Payment Methods

In my opinion, this provider has the best price-quality ratio in the market. It isn’t the cheapest (but you won’t expect it to be), but it isn’t over-the-top either. I am among those users willing to pay for the quality, and I was sincerely impressed by the accessibility of the plans provided.

The pricing plans
The proxy provider comes with flexible and affordable payment plans.

For myself, I chose the Standard package, worth €65. It includes 10 GB of traffic, just enough for my purposes. Besides, one strong pro-factor was the roll-over feature. It implies that if I don’t use 3 GB of bandwidth this month, they will be automatically transferred to the next month. For me, it’s just perfect. 

But the service also offers three other packages:

  • The Light Plan is €35 for 5 GB. It is suitable for small businesses or individuals who need proxies occasionally and for limited uses.
  • An Enhanced Plan for €140 with 25 GB will perfectly suit diverse heavy-weight business needs, such as consistent marketing research, SEO monitoring, or managing several accounts.
  • The Premium Plan, which costs €250 and includes 50 GB, is perfect for large businesses that engage in extended data scraping or competitive analysis.

But you remember that BROS discount code that works with any of the above packages, right? 2 GB of free traffic is a lot, so you won’t want to miss it!

Our Verdict

This one is excellent, really!

Yes, it’s restricted to residential proxies just for now. BUT if that’s the type you are searching for, I can’t think of a better option! NodeMaven has one clear competitive advantage — it scrutinously sorts the IPs to provide only high-quality addresses that were never blocklisted or banned. 

So, if you’re the kind of user who wants a premium experience and is ready to pay a bit more for that, this provider is your type. Just like it’s mine! And if you’re now weighing its pros against cons, believe me, the benefits are far more multiple.

I sincerely recommend trying this service!


What is NodeMaven?

NodeMaven is a young yet reputable proxy provider with premium services. It puts the quality of IPs above quantity but can still boast an extensive pool that reaches 5M+ addresses.

How do I get started with NodeMaven?

After a simple sign-up process, you’ll be directed to your personal cabinet. There, you can choose the perfect plan and launch your proxy.

Is NodeMaven safe?

Absolutely, this provider is 100% safe. But if you want to increase safety even further, you can launch features like session control and ISP-level targeting or use your proxy with a VPN.

What locations NodeMaven supports?

It supports 1400+ cities in over 150 countries with country, region, and city-level targeting. On average, it offers 150K+ IPs for popular locations like the US, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

What proxy protocols does NodeMaven support?

It supports HTTP and SOCKS5 but looks like lacks HTTPS proxies. However, this will not be an issue for most users, even those engaged in web scraping.

Can I buy NodeMaven with crypto?

Sure, you can easily make crypto payments, along with some more traditional methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, or Wire Transfer.

Does NodeMaven offer a free trial?

No, there’s no free trial! But there’s an alternative — the 500 MB trial package worth €3.99. It’s enough to test the service and understand if it fits you.

Have you given these proxies a try yet? Or do you have specific questions or need more details? We’re interested in your experiences, both the highs and the lows. Please share your thoughts with us!
Alyce Falk
Alyce Falk
I am a complete lunatic at using proxies so I am thankful to the support team for being so helpful and patient. Thank you so much for walking me through the whole thing!
Jun 26, 2023
Lena Menchaca
Lena Menchaca
The customer service is splendid! I’m not very tech savvy so it was important to have someone available to help whenever necessary. Any time I reached out to them, the response was immediate.
May 12, 2023
Malik Saeva
Malik Saeva
Everything works well, the residential proxies are really fast. Despite some minimal technical issues which we resolved at the start, everything seems to be smooth. It’s a good service for its price overall.
Feb 05, 2023
Naya Keegan
Naya Keegan
Nathaniel is the best manager. There have been so many issues on my side (starting from the fact that I chose the wrong type of proxies, at first) and he solved them ALL!
Jan 17, 2023
Tim Sutherland
Tim Sutherland
I’ve been using their datacenter proxies for a couple of months. They are more reliable than those I previously used. I bought them for scraping and they cope with the job so far.
Nov 28, 2022
Gaby Lander
Gaby Lander
I was skeptical if paid proxies were any better than free ones. I am now perfectly satisfied with the decision to use the paid service as their proxies are faster and more reliable.
Sep 19, 2022
Nick Black
Nick Black
This is by far the most supportive service I know. They guide you all throughout the setup process and can even provide recommendations regarding which type of proxy will best suit your needs.
Aug 26, 2022
Steve Culpo
Steve Culpo
I used their backconnect proxies and they are very very good! Plus, I loved the dashboard where you can independently manage your pool of proxies. The control panel is intuitive and really convenient.
Jun 04, 2022
Trisha Heskin
Trisha Heskin
Good YouTube proxies, I am 100% happy with their performance. The support team is friendly and useful, too. They helped me to customize and configure the settings for my purposes, which is great!
Mar 09, 2022
John David
John David
Using these residential proxies for web scraping has been a game-changer for me. The speeds are impressive, and the connection stability is top-notch. Plus, a special tribute to the support team — it was excellent in helping me get set up.
Nov 15, 2023
Nathaniel Hartwell
Nathaniel Hartwell
The proxy service offers excellent speed and reliability for my daily tasks. Whether using residential or data center proxies, the performance is consistently outstanding.
Jan 22, 2024
Alex Kim
Alex Kim
I use their proxies for market research, and this service has been fantastic. The variety of IPs and the speed make it easy to gather data quickly. Great value for the price!
Mar 1, 2024
Hannah Whitmore
Hannah Whitmore
These proxies are perfect for accessing geo-blocked content. The speed is impressive, and I haven't faced any issues with connectivity. I also have to note the number of IPs; I guess I have never encountered such a variety.
Jun 10, 2024
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