Proxidize Review 2024

Trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises, Proxidize is a groundbreaking platform dedicated to creating and managing mobile proxy networks directly on mobile devices. This innovative system empowers businesses to construct exceptionally robust proxies that stand unsurpassed compared to alternative solutions.

Summary rank ? Creating your own 4G mobile proxy network with Proxidize eliminates intermediaries, reduces expenses, and provides incomparable control over hardware and software components. Neither technical knowledge nor any specific expertise is required, though.
Users feedback 4,4
Network stability 4,2
Price 4,1
Support 4,4
Proxy Functionality 4,5
Experts evaluation 4
Network stability 4,1
Price 4
Support 4,3
Proxy Functionality 4,3 rank 4,1
How we score?

When analyzing the proxy, we have conducted in-depth research that helped us reveal all the strong and weak points of the service. Considering expert opinion and customer feedback, our pros studied the range of options and, finally, tested the service.

Here are the steps we followed when conducting research:

Analyzing the customer feedback

We have visited several forums devoted to proxy discussion and even participated in it. We have studied reviews on reliable resources with only one purpose – to make our review precise.

Getting to know the expert opinion

We have communicated with experts in the proxy industry. To uncover some hidden pitfalls, we asked professionals about its key features. In our review, we will tell you everything you need to know about the strong and weak points of the proxy provider.

Studying Terms & Conditions

At this point, experts have studied the legal basis. They have touched upon the place of registration, owners, achievement, reputation, and so on.

Exploring proxy types

To understand the quality of services the company provides, we test each of the proxy types it offers. The range of proxy types can vary as well as their quality.

Evaluating the quality of support

The support team reflects the reliability of the company hence it is essential to check it. We pay attention to response time, the communicative skills of managers, and the usability of the service. Besides, our expert becomes a real user to get into the situation of purchase.

Testing the service

We have checked the proxy provider’s backward and forwards. To make our research full and deep, we have tried out all proxy types offered there. Our experts have analyzed the work of servers paying attention to their features and functionality. In our review, you can look through a detailed description of features.


Our experts have compared this proxy with other popular services. In their comparison, they have touched upon the pricing, set of features, and characteristics. You can find out more in the Comparison section of the website.

What is best suited for?
  • SMM, web scraping, sneaker botting, SEO, and automation.
We like
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Easy setup on all compatible Android and iOS devices
  • Account authentication security measurements
  • Worldwide free shipping
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Business data robust protection
We dislike
  • No free trial
  • High price (for small businesses)


IP types
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
Founding date
June 15, 2020
Domen registration date
June 15, 2020
  • English
  • Worldwide
Proxy types
  • Residential Proxies
  • Mobile Proxies
  • SOCKS5
  • HTTP
IP Rotation
Personal Dashboard
Partner program
Free Trial
Payment Types
  • Debit card
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • API
Refund Policy
Refunds are possible for unopened hardware within 14 days from the shipping date or for opened hardware if the company’s customer support team is unable to address critical issues. A 30% restocking fee will apply to the returned opened hardware in the latter scenario.
Other Features
  • Extensive knowledge base and API integration
  • Enhanced speeds: 30 Mbps on 4G/LTE and 1 Gbps on 5G
  • Regular updates on added functionalities


Proxidize main page
All-in-one solution for creating and managing mobile proxies. 

Proxidize, founded in 2020, experienced mass recognition in introducing an in-house solution for building and managing mobile proxy networks. The notion of Proxidize came to life once its founder achieved success in publishing the Amazon best seller Proxy Know — a comprehensive guide to building your own proxy network. At the peak of his book’s success, the company was established with a simple goal: making data access more accessible to everyone. A proposition that’s been devoutly adhered to to this day.

So, what makes Proxidize unique? Users receive a complete hardware kit equipped with all the necessary components for setting up on-premise mobile proxies, giving users maximum control and performance. Thus eliminating the need to lease IPs from typical providers. Its centralized proxy management software allows users to customize various mobile proxy features based on their preferences.

I must admit that this company’s expertise in providing a comprehensive proxy solution has been well-received. The company not only supplies customers with an all-inclusive kit for building and managing proxies but also offers white-glove, 24/7 customer support, and a 99% server uptime guarantee. Yet, let’s dive deeper. 

Feature-Set and Guidance

Proxidize unique offers
What will you be up to with their exceptional approach?

Proxidize offers a wide array of features that make it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike, including but not limited to:

  • Mobile Proxy Hardware
  • Diverse Mobile Proxy Types
  • Centralized Proxy Management Software
  • Custom or Automatic IP Rotation
  • Keep Alive (Sticky IPs)
  • Passive OS Spoofing
  • SMS Webhooks
  • Smart Watchdog

The company also provides detailed guidance on setting up the hardware, configuring proxies, and integrating them with various applications. All these features are implemented to ensure that Proxidize’s customers can access their data whenever needed. Now, let’s explore more. 

Mobile Proxy Hardware

Mobile proxy hardware
SIM cards are all you need to start with your proxy network. 

Proxidize simplifies setting up your mobile proxy network by providing an all-inclusive hardware kit. This comprehensive kit contains essential components such as modems, servers, cables, and USB hubs necessary for the seamless establishment of your proxies. 

The website offers detailed guides for configuring the hardware to ensure a smooth setup. If you prefer hands-on assistance, scheduling an onboarding call with their success engineers is available, guaranteeing your network setup is hassle-free.

Centralized Proxy Management Software

Centralized proxy management software
You remain in total control over your proxies.

At the heart of Proxidize’s offering is its centralized proxy management software. This user-friendly platform enables users to customize various mobile proxy features effortlessly according to their preferences. Designed to be intuitive, the software enables users, even those without extensive technical knowledge, to manage, monitor, and control their proxies efficiently. This centralized approach ensures a seamless and accessible user experience at every level.

Diverse Mobile Proxy Types

Diverse mobile proxy types
Support of HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 included. 

To me, it looks like Proxidize does understand the importance of flexibility in proxy solutions. Offering a diverse range of mobile proxy types, including IP-based proxies (IPv4 & IPv6) and protocol-based proxies (HTTP & SOCKS), the company provides users with a broad spectrum of options. 

This diversity allows customers to tailor their mobile proxy networks to suit their specific requirements. Whether it’s the type of IP or the protocol preference, Proxidize’s range of choices ensures that users have the flexibility needed for their unique use cases.

Custom or Automatic IP Rotations

Custom or automatic IP rotations
You’re free to customize the rotation options. 

Proxidize allows users to opt for custom, manual, or automatic IP rotations for all or only selected modems. In the custom rotation mode, users can choose personally the rotation intervals they wish to employ for their mobile proxies. Alternatively, the platform presents an automatic IP rotation feature, streamlining the process for users. It enables customers to prevent potential blocks from websites or applications while safeguarding their privacy. 

Keep Alive (Sticky IPs)

Sticky IPs
This feature extends the duration of consistent IPs for inactive devices.

The introduction of the Keep IP Alive, or Sticky IP, feature was a response to address a challenge stemming from the shortage of IPv4 addresses. Due to this shortage, it has become commonplace for IP providers to reclaim addresses to manage the scarcity once a device becomes inactive.

Typically, when an activity ceases or idles, the IP is withdrawn, and the device is assigned a new one. Proxidize, through its Keep Alive feature, extends the duration of consistent IP addresses for inactive devices. It ensures that customers can sustain their connections without concerns about frequent IP withdrawals.

Passive OS Spoofing

Passive OS Spoofing
Emulate a Windows environment while, in fact, using Linux. 

Passive OS Spoofing is a feature integrated into the software, utilizing the Linux Operating System as its foundation. However, it allows users to engage in OS spoofing, enabling them to emulate a Windows environment.

This functionality enhances the user experience by allowing them to simulate interactions and behaviors as if operating within a Windows environment while benefiting from the Linux OS’s underlying stability and security. This feature proves particularly valuable for users requiring compatibility with applications or scenarios optimized for a Windows operating system, providing a versatile and adaptable experience.

SMS Webhooks

SMS webhooks
Facilitate your SMS management. 

Proxidize simplifies SMS management through its dashboard, allowing users to easily send, read, and delete messages linked to their respective modems. The SMS webhooks feature enhances this experience by turning the platform dashboard into an SMS forwarder to a predetermined URL. This feature also provides flexibility, allowing users to customize modems for triggering specific URLs, ensuring a user-friendly and personalized approach to SMS communication and verification processes.

Smart Watchdog

Smart Watchdog feature
Developed for your uninterrupted and flawless experience.

The smart watchdog, an advanced algorithm embedded in their dashboard, adeptly manages modems using a locking mechanism. It not only automates troubleshooting and seamlessly restores connections but also proactively addresses common modem disconnections. This proactive approach ensures a smooth and uninterrupted experience, eliminating the need to reach out to their support team for common challenges.


In exploring Proxidize, I found it quite user-friendly, making setup a straightforward process. For those of you who might still have questions or hesitations, the website offers the option to schedule a demo call with their sales team. During the call, you’ll receive a guided dashboard tour, a detailed explanation of features, and an opportunity to address any questions.

Once you decide to move forward, their hardware & software bundle can be purchased, and shipping is guaranteed within 3 to 5 business days. Setting up the hardware is quick and requires no specialized technical skills – it typically takes under 30 minutes. To ensure a smooth onboarding experience, I recommend scheduling a call with Proxidize’s success engineers. Their expertise helps activate your license promptly, and you’ll have your network up and running in less than 2 hours. 

Customer Service

24/7 customer support
In addition to multiple official communities, there are other ways to reach out to them any time, day and night.

Well, Proxidize places a strong emphasis on customer service, making it easy for users to get assistance whenever needed 24/7. The company offers multiple support channels if you have inquiries or encounter any challenges. You can reach out via email, utilize their live chat feature on the website or your dashboard, or schedule a call with their dedicated support team.

I can confirm the responsive support team is well-prepared to address your questions, guide you through any issues, and provide assistance promptly. Whether you prefer written communication or a direct conversation, Proxidize ensures you have the support you need to make the most of their services.

Performance Testing

Testing Proxidize
Check out my ping, speed, and IP address compatibility tests of Proxidize services.

Ping Test

During my performance testing, Proxidize consistently demonstrated an impressive latency range of 50-150 ms in the ping test. This translates to a remarkably smooth and responsive experience, a crucial aspect for users relying on Proxidize for real-time operations. The low latency ensures that users can carry out tasks seamlessly without any noticeable delays.

Speed Test

My Proxidize’s speed test results showcase its efficiency on both 4G and 5G devices. On 4G devices, the speed ranged from a reliable 10-30 Mbps, providing users with a consistent and speedy connection. For those leveraging 5G technology, it excelled with speeds between 200-700 Mbps. These results reflect the company’s commitment to delivering a high-performance mobile proxy service that caters to the diverse speed requirements of users.

IP Address Compatibility

In the course of my evaluation, Proxidize was subjected to extensive testing for IP address compatibility. The proxies are seamlessly integrated with various tools, including antidetect browsers and captcha solutions. This versatility ensures it can seamlessly incorporate into existing workflows without compatibility issues. Users can confidently use Proxidize alongside other tools, making it a flexible and adaptable solution for a wide range of applications.


Proxidize prices
Choose your kit in terms of the number of modems.

Proxidize provides a range of pricing plans that some might find above budget while others find cost-effective for long-term usage. However, each plan is meticulously designed to offer optimal value based on the scale of your use cases.

5 Modem Plan:

  • Includes 5 modems, 1 SX2 server, and 1 USB hub.
  • Priced at $499 with a monthly software fee of $99.

10 Modem Plan:

  • Offers 10 modems, 1 SX2 server, and 1 USB hub.
  • Available at $899 with a monthly software fee of $195.

20 Modem Plan:

  • Encompasses 20 modems, 1 SX2 server, and 1 USB hub.
  • Priced at $1699, with a monthly software fee of $389.

80 Modem Plan:

  • Ideal for extensive requirements, featuring 80 modems, 1 SX4 server, and 1 USB hub.
  • Offered at $5999, accompanied by a monthly software fee of $1499.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Tailored to meet enterprise-scale demands.
  • For custom requirements, you can engage with their sales team for personalized solutions.

Final Verdict

Proxidize simplifies the intricacies involved in constructing 4G mobile proxies. Its innovative approach yields proxies with significantly enhanced potency compared to traditional residential proxies, as they seamlessly blend in with regular mobile network users, providing access to an extensive pool of unlimited IPs.

Does Proxidize empower users with proxies boasting superior capabilities over outdated alternatives? Yes, it does. Does it require any specific technical knowledge? No, it doesn’t, and it is indeed elementary to use! Will it cost you some money? Oh yes, it will… However, in the long run, especially for big enterprises, it is a very beneficial option in terms of security… and cost. 


Why opt for crafting 4G mobile proxies instead of purchasing them?

When constructing a 4G mobile proxy network using Proxidize, you eliminate intermediaries, reduce costs, and get unparalleled control over your hardware and software. Unlike proxy sellers who charge a premium for hosting devices, Proxidize liberates you from dependence on third parties for proxy configuration, requiring no technical expertise to build them independently.

How do I initiate the Proxidize setup process?

To begin your journey with Proxidize and establish your initial mobile proxy network, acquire the hardware kit that aligns with your requirements. If you’re unsure, feel free to schedule a demo with their dedicated sales team for guidance. Upon receiving your hardware, arrange an onboarding call with their support team, who will guide you through the Proxidize setup. Alternatively, follow the comprehensive guide available on their website.

Is Proxidize accessible from any country?

Certainly, its kits can be hosted in any country worldwide.

What’s the proxy creation limit per modem?

While you can generate an unlimited number of proxies from a single modem, each modem provides only one IP address. If you create multiple proxies, they will share the same IP address. This functionality is featured in Proxidize’s NextGen Business and Enterprise plans.

How many threads are allocated per modem/proxy?

There’s a cap of 200 threads per proxy, but Enterprise users enjoy unrestricted access to threads.

Can I integrate these proxies with APIs and scripts for automated tasks?

Absolutely, their proxies seamlessly integrate with APIs and scripts, catering to automation, web scraping, and other programmatic tasks. API access is subject to specific plan restrictions.

Have you given these proxies a try yet? Or do you have specific questions or need more details? We’re interested in your experiences, both the highs and the lows. Please share your thoughts with us!
Alyce Falk
Alyce Falk
I am a complete lunatic at using proxies so I am thankful to the support team for being so helpful and patient. Thank you so much for walking me through the whole thing!
Jun 26, 2023
Lena Menchaca
Lena Menchaca
The customer service is splendid! I’m not very tech savvy so it was important to have someone available to help whenever necessary. Any time I reached out to them, the response was immediate.
May 12, 2023
Malik Saeva
Malik Saeva
Everything works well, the residential proxies are really fast. Despite some minimal technical issues which we resolved at the start, everything seems to be smooth. It’s a good service for its price overall.
Feb 05, 2023
Naya Keegan
Naya Keegan
Nathaniel is the best manager. There have been so many issues on my side (starting from the fact that I chose the wrong type of proxies, at first) and he solved them ALL!
Jan 17, 2023
Tim Sutherland
Tim Sutherland
I’ve been using their datacenter proxies for a couple of months. They are more reliable than those I previously used. I bought them for scraping and they cope with the job so far.
Nov 28, 2022
Gaby Lander
Gaby Lander
I was skeptical if paid proxies were any better than free ones. I am now perfectly satisfied with the decision to use the paid service as their proxies are faster and more reliable.
Sep 19, 2022
Nick Black
Nick Black
This is by far the most supportive service I know. They guide you all throughout the setup process and can even provide recommendations regarding which type of proxy will best suit your needs.
Aug 26, 2022
Steve Culpo
Steve Culpo
I used their backconnect proxies and they are very very good! Plus, I loved the dashboard where you can independently manage your pool of proxies. The control panel is intuitive and really convenient.
Jun 04, 2022
Trisha Heskin
Trisha Heskin
Good YouTube proxies, I am 100% happy with their performance. The support team is friendly and useful, too. They helped me to customize and configure the settings for my purposes, which is great!
Mar 09, 2022
John David
John David
Using these residential proxies for web scraping has been a game-changer for me. The speeds are impressive, and the connection stability is top-notch. Plus, a special tribute to the support team — it was excellent in helping me get set up.
Nov 15, 2023
Nathaniel Hartwell
Nathaniel Hartwell
The proxy service offers excellent speed and reliability for my daily tasks. Whether using residential or data center proxies, the performance is consistently outstanding.
Jan 22, 2024
Alex Kim
Alex Kim
I use their proxies for market research, and this service has been fantastic. The variety of IPs and the speed make it easy to gather data quickly. Great value for the price!
Mar 1, 2024
Hannah Whitmore
Hannah Whitmore
These proxies are perfect for accessing geo-blocked content. The speed is impressive, and I haven't faced any issues with connectivity. I also have to note the number of IPs; I guess I have never encountered such a variety.
Jun 10, 2024
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