How to Set Up Proxy in Undetectable Browser

by Dan Goodin
22 May 2024

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Undetectable Browser download page
Undetectable browser is compatible with Windows and macOS and tailored for multi-accounting.

The Undetectable browser is handy when you need to operate multiple accounts on the same service simultaneously. This anti-detect browser is compatible with Windows and macOS and is tailored for multi-accounting. 

Each tab functions as a separate portal, so you can simulate different devices — from an office laptop to a gaming station, even a mobile gadget. Here, you can select from Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Each portal comes with its configuration, cookies, and the capability to set a unique date, time, and IP-address.

Key Features:

  • Generates a distinct fingerprint for each profile.
  • Supports multiple anti-detect browser profiles for efficient multi-accounting.
  • Allows installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Facilitates the import, export, and management of cookies for different profiles.
  • Offers an API for automating profile management tasks.
  • Compatible with private proxies for enhanced security.

This anti-detect browser is ideal for users who manage multiple accounts on social networks, conduct traffic arbitration, perform pricing analytics, and collect data. The ability to configure a private proxy enhances online security, making it a powerful tool for anyone engaged in activities requiring high anonymity.

Step-by-step Proxy Setup in Undetectable Browser

  1. Open the browser and select the “New Profile” button to create a unique browsing profile.
The button you need
The first step of the process.
  1. In the settings window, assign a name to your profile. You can adjust the fingerprint settings here, including the operating system, version, User Agent, language, and screen resolution.
The relevant settings
Setting the operating system, version, User Agent, language, and screen resolution.
  1. Navigate to the proxy settings tab. Here, you will select the connection protocol—HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5. Input the relevant details in the format ip:port:username:password. If your proxy requires authentication, ensure that you enter the username and password.
The corresponding settings tab
Input the relevant details in the format ip:port:username:password.
  1. After entering all details, click “Create” to finalize the setup. This newly created profile will now appear under the “Profiles” tab.
Final steps in this setup
Check out your entire list under the “Profiles” tab.
  1. To begin browsing with your new profile, click the start button. It launches a new window routed through the specified proxy, effectively encrypting your traffic and masking your IP-address.
Start button
The intermediary will encrypt your traffic and mask your IP-address.

Note: The undetectable browser supports SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxies, both of which change your IP-address and encrypt traffic. This feature establishes a secure connection, ensuring your internet provider cannot track your browsing history. 

When you log in, it appears as if you are accessing a regular, encrypted site. This method offers a discreet and secure way to visit services your provider might block.


Why Use Proxies in Browsers That Can’t Be Detected?

Proxies enhance privacy by routing your traffic through a different IP-address. This helps manage multiple online identities and avoids tracking across various platforms.

What is an Undetectable Browser?

It is an anti-detect browser designed to obscure digital fingerprints and safeguard user data by changing your IP-address. It supports the creation of isolated profiles, each with customized settings and proxy configurations. This portal is ideal for tasks requiring anonymity.

Is Undetectable Browser Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe as it prioritizes user privacy and does not store browsing history, cookies, or cache. Its ability to manage network settings further enhances its security features.

Are There Any Threats About Using a Proxy in a Browser Like This?

Using a proxy generally increases your online security. However, choosing reputable service providers is crucial to avoid compromised servers that could leak information.

Which Proxies Can I Use in Undetectable Browser?

This anti-detect browser supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 proxies. It is better to use private proxies because of their reliability and security. Thus, your activities will remain confidential and undetectable.

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