Soax Review 2024

Versatile proxies with ISP-level targeting, flexible pricing, and SOCKS5 supported + data gathering tool.

Summary rank ?
Users feedback 4,7
Network stability 4,3
Price 3
Support 4,5
Proxy Functionality 4,7
Experts evaluation 3,4
Network stability 3,9
Price 3,5
Support 4,2
Proxy Functionality 3,1 rank 3,6
How we score?

When analyzing the proxy, we have conducted in-depth research that helped us reveal all the strong and weak points of the service. Considering expert opinion and customer feedback, our pros studied the range of options and, finally, tested the service.

Here are the steps we followed when conducting research:

Analyzing the customer feedback

We have visited several forums devoted to proxy discussion and even participated in it. We have studied reviews on reliable resources with only one purpose – to make our review precise.

Getting to know the expert opinion

We have communicated with experts in the proxy industry. To uncover some hidden pitfalls, we asked professionals about its key features. In our review, we will tell you everything you need to know about the strong and weak points of the proxy provider.

Studying Terms & Conditions

At this point, experts have studied the legal basis. They have touched upon the place of registration, owners, achievement, reputation, and so on.

Exploring proxy types

To understand the quality of services the company provides, we test each of the proxy types it offers. The range of proxy types can vary as well as their quality.

Evaluating the quality of support

The support team reflects the reliability of the company hence it is essential to check it. We pay attention to response time, the communicative skills of managers, and the usability of the service. Besides, our expert becomes a real user to get into the situation of purchase.

Testing the service

We have checked the proxy provider’s backward and forwards. To make our research full and deep, we have tried out all proxy types offered there. Our experts have analyzed the work of servers paying attention to their features and functionality. In our review, you can look through a detailed description of features.


Our experts have compared this proxy with other popular services. In their comparison, they have touched upon the pricing, set of features, and characteristics. You can find out more in the Comparison section of the website.

What is best suited for?
  • Data scraping
We like
  • Excellent location coverage
  • Large proxy network
  • Proxy connection speed
  • Neat and convenient dashboard
  • Flexible payment options
We dislike
  • Expensive
  • No apps


IP types
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
Founding date
May 15, 2019
Domen registration date
January 20, 2002
  • English
  • Russian
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • US
  • Brazil
  • India
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Singapore
Proxy types
  • Residential Proxies
  • Mobile Proxies
  • US ISP Proxies
  • SOCKS5
  • HTTP
IP Rotation
Personal Dashboard
Partner program
Free Trial
Payment Types
  • Webmoney
  • PayPal
  • Debit card
  • Direct
  • Backconnect
Other Features
  • API, node access
  • ISP-level targeting
  • Flexible pricing packages
  • Whitelisted IPs
  • Targeting by country, region, city, and provider
  • Data Gathering Tool


With the rapid growth of online services’ popularity, plenty of prohibitions and fraud cases appeared on the Internet. To avoid unnecessary blocks and keep data secret, there are proxy servers designed especially for these purposes. Over the past few years, the number of proxies increased enormously so that it is now of great difficulty to choose the best one. Most proxies can’t boast a high connection rate since they provide a large proportion of offline IP addresses. Read our detailed Soax proxies review and get a complete notion of this proxy. 

Soax Proxy

Briefly about Soax Proxy 

Soax is one of the largest proxy providers founded in 2018 that specializes in residential and mobile proxies. It rapidly grows in popularity and has gained a rating of 4,7. The platform constantly enriches the number of IP addresses hosted in the pool that exceeds 8.5 M IP addresses.  All IP addresses in the pool are whitelisted and belong to real ISPs (Internet Service Provider). 

With Soax, you can enjoy the high speed of connection, detailed geo-targeting, 100% secure, and anonymous performance – all for flexible pricing packages. An impressive Soax audience of more than 28.000 clients uses residential and mobile proxies for:

  • Price monitoring;
  • Ad verification;
  • Website availability;
  • SEO monitoring;
  • Data collection;
  • Market research;
  • Speed testing;
  • Brand protection.

Feature-set and guidance 

Depending on your purposes, Soax proxies offer an excellent set of features that distinguish the platform from the rest:

  • API, node access
  • ISP-level targeting
  • Flexible pricing packages
  • Whitelisted IPs
  • Targeting by country, region, city, and provider
  • Data Gathering Tool

Let’s focus on each feature in detail. 

API, node access

Soax has a decent choice of elite proxies of all geolocations. They are not limited in usage and are 100% whitelisted. As for proxy types, there are Wi-Fi residential proxies and mobile residential proxies offered by Soax. Wi-Fi type simulates the use of a personal computer when mobile type creates an impression of accessing sites through smartphones. One of the main differences between Wi-Fi and mobile proxies is the type of connection, which might be 3G, 4G, LTE. 

Soax Residential Proxies
Soax Mobile Proxies

Becoming a Soax client, you get proxy nodes adjusted to your use cases and pricing. Since Soax proxies are real IP addresses, they regularly go offline. To eliminate this problem and provide a wide range of compatible IPs with unlimited concussion sessions, Soax rotates proxies automatically. 

Along with rotating proxies, Soax offers static servers via node functionality. In a static option, the proxy node does not change during operation keeping the IP address the same. In case the node disappears from online, you can switch to another node or manually get it back online. To get static IPs, you need to contact the support team because plans with node access are not listed online. 

ISP-level targeting

As soon as you sign up, you get access to the Soax proxy dashboard. The dashboard is navigated intuitively so you can find the targeting section easily. There you can adjust your proxy server according to the following parameters:

  • State;
  • City;
  • Area of residence;
  • Mobile operator and provider.

An ISP-level targeting is given for no additional charge. To check the quality of proxy work and whether it fits your use cases or not, you can test the targeting with the three-day trial.

Flexible pricing packages

Although Soax pricing packages are not cheap, they are rather flexible. You can select options that suit best your use cases or speak with the support team for other pricing plans. Like the majority of proxy providers, the company offers its services for a month.

Content of Soax Proxy Pricing

Whitelisted IPs

Soax has an immense proxy pool of IP addresses which counts over 8.5 M real IPs owned by ISP and assigned to real users. They are 100% reliable and fully compatible. 

Targeting by country, region, city, and provider

One of the features admired by users is the targeting option. Soax has an extensive gallery of proxies issued in over 185 countries which you can filter down to particular cities and IPs as well. Such a level of targeting unlocks additional use cases covered by Soax proxies. 

Soax Proxy Country Coverage

Data Gathering Tool

Web scraping is the most popular use of proxy servers as a means of price and SEO monitoring, ad verification, travel aggregation, and so on. Soax proxies have a premium data gathering tool that will help you extract any data from any website without bans and captchas. The average success rate of gathering data from websites that are difficult to scrape is over 91% which is more than a satisfactory indicator. 


  • Convenience. The dashboard is very convenient. In just a few minutes, you can purchase and start using a proxy. Here you can view proxy usage statistics, configure and group IP addresses, download IP data in a convenient format or even share a link to them.
  • Worldwide coverage. The company offers a proxy with almost any geo — there are IP addresses from more than 180 countries. 
  • Accurate targeting. Here you can choose only those IPs you need, selecting it by country, region, city, and even an ISP.
  • High speed. All Soax proxies work instantly, even though they are located in different countries of the world. With these servers, you will not have a long page load or IP unavailability.
  • Quality. All IP addresses are constantly checked for blacklists. Soax provides only fresh, whitelisted, and clean IP addresses.
  • 24/7 support. For any problems, questions, you can contact the support service. It works both on the chat site, and on the mail and telegram.
  • Unlimited usage. Change IP an unlimited number of times, without any additional fee. This is very convenient, which allows you to work with a single proxy with a large number of accounts. You can do this manually through your account, or set up an automatic rotation.

Customer service 

When reviewing Soax, we have paid much attention to user reviews. Here are some of them written on TrustPilot that rates Soax at 4,7:

Enjoy Aviation“The customer’s service is the best I have ever seen and I tried almost all proxy services. The support team is always there to help and even answer some very specific questions about the process the service works and more. I recommend this service, especially for the ones who need some help with the initial setup. Thank you guys for your support!”
V.B.“…At the start, I had some issues about opening a website that I wanted, so I contacted the support live chat. These people are the most helpful support I have ever communicated with! The support helped me for more than one hour to resolve my issue and in the end, they did! They tested every connection until they found the best one for me!”
Bartosz Niezgoda“Excellent service. Very easy to use, well designed, very reliable, and as reliable for residential/mobile proxies as it gets, on top of that plans are well-balanced, for both: lower, occasional usage as well as high demand intensive use cases. That, plus support is very polite, helpful, and responsive makes it an excellent choice IMO.”
Johannes Abate“I recommend this platform for residential proxy. The support team on live chat was wonderful. They will do everything for you and are very friendly and polite.”

Performance testing

Soax dashboard is simple to use. It is straightforward and intuitively navigated. All information about the company’s services you can find there or ask the support team for help. 

Here you can make use of two proxy types: Wi-Fi and Mobile residential proxies. Depending on the time you want to use a particular IP, there are rotating and static proxies. 

  • Rotating proxy changes IP addresses automatically with each request you send. 
  • A static proxy allows you to keep a particular IP address for the entire operation. 

To evaluate the quality of Soax proxy performance, we’ve checked out the speed indicator of the service. Here are the results:

  • Average ping – 81ms
  • Average download – 23.16 Mbps
  • Average upload – 11.86 Mbps

Besides the speed indicator, we’ve measured the performance of the current connection.

TestSuccess rate (%)Error (%)Timeout (%)Block (%)
Linkedin 93133
Craiglist 90253

Following the results, we see that Soax proxies are a good variant for web scraping due to a small rate of blocks and errors. Most of the problems appeared because of captchas that can be easily removed with a captchas solver.


Residential plans

Micro Wi-Fi$75 per monthTraffic: 5 GBPrice per GB: $15Number of ports: 300
Starter Wi-Fi$130 per monthTraffic: 10 GBPrice per GB: $13Number of ports: 400
Plus Wi-Fi$550 per monthTraffic: 50 GBPrice per GB: $11Number of ports: 500
Regular Wi-Fi$700 per monthTraffic: 100 GBPrice per GB: $7Number of ports: 600

Mobile plans

Micro Mobile $70 per month Traffic: 2 GBPrice per GB: $35Number of ports: 300
Starter Mobile$165 per monthTraffic: 5 GBPrice per GB: $33Number of ports: 400
Plus Mobile $310 per monthTraffic: 10 GBPrice per GB: $31Number of ports: 500
Regular Mobile$580 per monthTraffic: 20 GBPrice per GB: $29Number of ports: 600

In case you have problems with selecting a pricing plan, you can contact the support team via live chat or schedule an online conference. 

Reasons to Choose Soax Proxy
Final verdict

Soax proxy service is the optimal choice for complex tasks that suits almost all use cases. It hosts one of the largest pools of IP addresses that is updated with new proxies available only to customers. Currently, 8.5M IP addresses are active worldwide.

The resource has advanced geo-targeting settings: it supports a decent number of locations, comes with a wide pool of proxy servers, and is compatible with many sites. Clients use residential and mobile proxies for parsing websites, scripting search results, maintaining multiple accounts in various services, and monitoring prices.

Soax proxies are reliable since they rotate automatically to maintain anonymity and security. The user will be protected from bugs, information leaks, or regional restrictions. The pricing plans are adequate. To test the service, you can take a three-day trial for $ 1.99.


How can I purchase a Soax proxy?

You can purchase the proxy after you register for this service. As soon as you’ve registered, go to the proxy page and click “Buy package”. To get acquainted with the service, you can buy a trial package for 3 days.

How do I set up the proxy?

After the purchase, you will see a panel with basic traffic information. You need to add your IP address to the IP whitelist. Click on the corresponding button in the upper right corner. Depending on the tariff, you can add from 2 to 5 of your IP addresses to the IP whitelist for free.
Below the general information about the proxy is the data for configuring the proxy. In the “Quick Access” section, you can configure a proxy and get data for the connection.
Parameters for targeting geo:
Also, you can get a proxy in the “Export” section. Here you can upload a proxy list for several countries with several ports. Click on the plus in the “Filter” field. In the “Ports” field, select the number of ports. Choose the authorization method, output format, template, and get the data to connect to the server.

How can I start using the proxy?

After purchasing the package, you will have information with parameters for connecting to a proxy, such as IP, port, login, password. This data will need to be specified in your software or browser.

How can I log in?

There are two ways of authorization:
Login and password
IP address
The last way requires you to state your IP address in the whitelist of IPs.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Sure. If you want to change your subscription plan, turn to the support team for help. They will help you change your plan to a more profitable one.

Are there any free trials offered by Soax?

Soax provides a three-day trial for $1,99. The price of the test package is so small that you can consider it free of charge.

Should I install a scraper along with a proxy?

No, there is no need for that. You can make use of the data gathering tool offered by Soax. The unification of the Soax proxy and scraper will make your operation more successful.

Have you already had any experience using these proxies? Or, maybe you need some answers and clarifications? Whether it’s positive or negative, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us!
Alyce Falk
Alyce Falk
I am a complete lunatic at using proxies so I am thankful to the support team for being so helpful and patient. Thank you so much for walking me through the whole thing!
Jun 26, 2023
Lena Menchaca
Lena Menchaca
The customer service is splendid! I’m not very tech savvy so it was important to have someone available to help whenever necessary. Any time I reached out to them, the response was immediate.
May 12, 2023
Malik Saeva
Malik Saeva
Everything works well, the residential proxies are really fast. Despite some minimal technical issues which we resolved at the start, everything seems to be smooth. It’s a good service for its price overall.
Feb 05, 2023
Naya Keegan
Naya Keegan
Nathaniel is the best manager. There have been so many issues on my side (starting from the fact that I chose the wrong type of proxies, at first) and he solved them ALL!
Jan 17, 2023
Tim Sutherland
Tim Sutherland
I’ve been using their datacenter proxies for a couple of months. They are more reliable than those I previously used. I bought them for scraping and they cope with the job so far.
Nov 28, 2022
Gaby Lander
Gaby Lander
I was skeptical if paid proxies were any better than free ones. I am now perfectly satisfied with the decision to use the paid service as their proxies are faster and more reliable.
Sep 19, 2022
Nick Black
Nick Black
This is by far the most supportive service I know. They guide you all throughout the setup process and can even provide recommendations regarding which type of proxy will best suit your needs.
Aug 26, 2022
Steve Culpo
Steve Culpo
I used their backconnect proxies and they are very very good! Plus, I loved the dashboard where you can independently manage your pool of proxies. The control panel is intuitive and really convenient.
Jun 04, 2022
Trisha Heskin
Trisha Heskin
Good YouTube proxies, I am 100% happy with their performance. The support team is friendly and useful, too. They helped me to customize and configure the settings for my purposes, which is great!
Mar 09, 2022
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