Best Proxy Server Apps for Android in 2022

If you have an Android device, a proxy for Android is a must-have. Currently, mobile proxy solutions take up different forms - apps, browsers, etc. Let's look into the top-notch proxy services for Android.

Surfing the Internet, users often encounter a situation when they need to access unavailable sources no matter what their purposes are. Especially for these cases, there are special tools such as proxies and VPNs designed to overpass blocks. With the development of smartphone technologies, proxy servers for Androids are in demand as never before. The question is, how to choose the best one? We have conducted in-depth research that will help you to pick out the best proxy server for Android.

First of all, we adhered to user reviews in our research – the real user experience lets us cast aside uncompetitive companies that provide low-quality service which badly needs improvement. Besides, we have come up with an expert opinion that uncovered hidden service peculiarities and convinced us of the reliability of the remaining platforms. We have considered all terms and conditions and tried out all features. Ultimately, we have compared the 4 platforms and are ready to present you our detailed review that covers all essential points. 

Here are the leaders we’ve selected from the number of Android proxies: 

1.Oxylabs – Category Leader #1 in parsing – Best proxy app for web scraping – The best VPN provider for streaming and P2P – The best variant for price aggregators

What is a Proxy for Android? 

A proxy server for Android is an intermediary computer between a user and a resource on the Internet. If you need to open a web page, the proxy can make a corresponding request to the desired site, extract data, check and send it to the browser.

Reasons to Use a Proxy for Android


The proxy app interacts with Internet resources, so they have no information about who is requesting the data. At a minimum, this allows you to protect yourself from targeted advertising based on viewed products.

Access to prohibited resources

Site blocking and content restrictions are configured by IP addresses. The proxy app hides the real IP so that you can access the desired site.

Filtering and control

Proxy apps are suitable not only for removing restrictions but also for blocking individual resources. For example, companies use it in the corporate network to prohibit access to social media and file storage. Another option is simply to monitor who visits them and how much time they spend there.

Economy and acceleration

If a user regularly visits the same site, the proxy app can give him the already saved content instead of downloading it again every time. This option is called caching. Besides, proxies conduct compression, which reduces the amount of downloaded data: images and videos.


Proxy servers for Android allow you to send requests from different regions and devices. You can assess how the site loading speed and content display change.


An intermediary computer that spoofs the IP address and redirects traffic can provide additional protection against hacker attacks and viruses. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the owner of a proxy app, especially if it is free and public, will handle user data in good faith.

How Do Proxies for Android Work? 

Each computer has a unique IP address that identifies users.  Having an IP address, you can get information about the country, region, Internet service provider (ISP), and computer. Like all devices, proxies also have their unique IP addresses that carry out the connection to the internet. 

A proxy server is an intermediary link between the user’s computer and the sites visited. In simple words, it is a remote intermediary computer through which a user from anywhere in the world can connect to the Internet. It broadcasts each request of the PC connected to it to the network and sends back the received responses.

The principle of the proxy app work can be divided into 3 stages:

  • The client connects to the proxy app and requests the desired site or page.
  • The app connects to the specified server and receives a resource from it, or returns it to the user from its cache.
  • The user retains relative anonymity and receives information bypassing all the locks.

But the most distinguished feature of proxies for Android is that you can manage them via a smartphone app without a hassle. 

Proxies for Android: Use Cases 

With the help of android proxy apps, ordinary Internet users will be able to solve many personal tasks without the risk of blocking accounts:

  • create accounts in online games automatically;
  • read news from banned foreign sources;
  • watch the online broadcast of sports events on foreign channels;
  • study courses, download books on sites banned in your country.

Experts use proxy servers mainly to avoid account bans for connecting automated software and online services. With the help of proxies and special programs, you can solve the following tasks without the risk of blocking pages:

  • manage and promote multiple social media accounts;
  • massively interact with the target audience;
  • parse data;
  • select keywords for promotion;
  • register on websites an unlimited number of times and publish advertisements;
  • safer sports betting on the go;
  • automate any similar processes that you perform on the Internet

How to Configure a Proxy Server on Android?

The Android interface looks different on different devices, but the approximate procedure for most of them will be as follows:

  • Go to the general settings.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi item.
  • Hold down the name of the active network for a few seconds. As the settings menu appears, select “Change network”.
  • Press the “back” button on the navigation panel of the smartphone, then select “Advanced Settings”.
  • Select the “Manually” option in the setting section.
  • Enter the proxy address for Android (the “Proxy hostname” field) and the port (the “proxy server port” field).
  • Click “OK” to save the settings.

To cancel the proxy action, go back to the settings, find the appropriate item, and disable it.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Android Proxies 

Using a proxy server for local connections, you get the following advantages:

  • You hide your IP address as well as your geographical location during basic verification;
  • Depending on the proxy configuration, you can block sites that distribute malicious software. Also, you can check the content for malicious elements before sending it to your computer;
  • You can bypass blocks and access geographically restricted services;
  • Besides, most providers offer a variety of useful services.

On the other hand, there are also negative aspects of using a proxy server for local connections that should be taken into account:

  • Proxy servers do not encrypt your internet traffic;
  • Advanced detection methods can still reveal your IP address and geolocation. 

Top 4 Proxy Services for Android: Review 

Oxylabs – Category Leader #1 in parsing 

Oxylabs is the best proxy for Android designed for the fast parsing of online resources in real-time. Its service is exceptionally productive; IP addresses are private with 82 addresses. 

The proxy app has various types of servers for different use cases, including data center, rotating, static, and premium Socks5 proxies. The company provides a pool of more than 2 million dedicated data center proxies along with 100 locations around the world. Besides, Oxylabs has a large pool of more than 32 million residential proxies that allow you to target at the city level and get reliable results in parsing. Oxylabs servers have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited simultaneous sessions, and unlimited targeting capabilities.

Oxylabs uses a flexible pricing model, which depends on the location of the IP address, target sites, and other parameters. For example, proxy servers in data centers cost from $ 1.20 per IP, and resident proxies – from $ 5 per GB.

Key features:

  • Automatic activation
  • Blocking objects and scripts
  • Country selection
  • Additional data protection
  • Server Directory
  • Unlimited traffic

Best suited for fast parsing of online resources in real-time – Best proxy app for web scraping is the second-best proxy server app with more than 2 million IP addresses. Here you can find rotating and static residential proxies for different use cases, as well as datacenter, 4G mobile, private, and sneaker proxies. Proxies offered by are 100% genuine, so be sure you never get detected or blocked with Since these IP addresses belong to real users, they are indistinguishable from organic visitors, which makes them an ideal option for web scraping. pricing model consists of packages that contain different proxy types, as well as the amount of traffic, speed level, and other essential features. Depending on the package and its components, the price you pay for the service will vary. For example, residential proxies cost from USD 0.8 per GB. 

Key features:

  • Improved security 
  • Internet usage control 
  • Bandwidth savings and faster speeds

Best suited for web scraping – Best VPN provider for streaming and P2P

This VPN service is quite similar to proxies; the only difference is that VPN focuses on confidentiality. 

HMA offers an unlimited number of devices on a single subscription with the only condition – no more than 5 secure simultaneous connections. It provides users with one of the world’s biggest VPN networks available in over 210 countries. 

HMA has one premium tariff, which gives access to all the features of the service. Its cost depends on the duration of the paid period: 1 month — $ 11.99; 1 year — $59.88 ($4.99 per month); 3 years — $ 143.64 ($3.99 per month). The service has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you opt-out of the VPN within the first month, you will receive money back for unused services.

Key features: 

  • Huge VPN network
  • Blazing fast servers
  • Open VPN protocol 
  • Lightning connect 
  • Connection rules
  • IP shuffle 
  • Smart kill switch 
  • No log DNS
  • Leak shield 
  • Speed test 

Best suited for streaming and P2P – Best option for price aggregators is another high-quality android proxy server that provides only 2 proxy types – residential and mobile. Although the number of services offered here is not so immense, they solve a great number of cases. proxies can be used for price aggregators, cybersecurity firms, corporate protection, uptime, and performance tracking, band protections, marketers, SEO data providers, and the academic sphere. 

As for the pricing plan, offers two packages: residential and mobile. For a residential plan, you are to pay $1 per GB, for a mobile plan – $2 per GB.  

Key features: 

  • Advertising network monitoring 
  • PPC quality control 
  • Localized search 
  • Open access 
  • White hat security 
  • Purchase validation 

Best suited for price aggregators 


As you see, a proxy app is a useful tool that provides you with anonymity on the network, increases the security of personal data, and gives you other valuable opportunities. For faster and more trouble-free work on the Internet, it is better to use paid private servers. These proxies are more reliable, speed up the connection by caching data, and do not crash due to overload, like free public servers.


How to choose a proxy for Android?

You can explore the platforms yourself, choosing the service by a price. We strongly recommend you not to focus mainly on inexpensive or free services, since there is no one guarantee of their security. Try to use services that provide additional protection.
When choosing a proxy app, pay attention to the speed and reliability parameters. Find a platform that offers a good quality of work and does not reduce the speed of the Internet connection. 

Which is better: VPN or proxy?

Proxy servers are designed not for anonymization on the network, but for building alternative routes and obtaining other benefits, such as traffic saving through caching and organization of stable connections to certain services. As for VPN services, they are being developed and promoted only thanks to online privacy protection services.

Does it make sense to buy a proxy app?

Like any other server, a proxy server app has its technical characteristics: response time, connection speed, cache size, etc. The better these characteristics are, the more convenient it is to use an app.
Logically, no hosting provider will provide its equipment for free. Building your infrastructure, connecting an access channel requires money. Payment is compensation for all costs, including the margin of the one who provides this service to you.
Due to the availability of payment, companies can guarantee decent bandwidth and performance.

How to set up an Android proxy app?

Follow the steps to set up:
✔️open the Wi-Fi section;
✔️select the desired connection;
✔️open the context menu and click on “Change network”;
✔️expand “Advanced Settings”;
✔️select manual proxy configuration;
✔️specify the address and port.

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